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Yalong Bay National Rose Valley
the biggest of its kind in Asia
Sanya Hainan

Yalong Bay National Rose Valley is located in Yalong Bay National Resort area. It covers a total area of 2775mu, integrating with the ecotourism industry items. It has fully utilized the advantage of its unique terrains comprising of farmland, reservoirs and forests. The rose valley management are supported by 10 town-based bureaus of cooperatives with 480 local farmers.

The Sanya government is making great efforts to build the Yalong Bay International Rose Valley into an Asia’s biggest rose-themed cultural base combining tourism, entertainment, leisure, exhibition and education.

As the largest rose plantation base in Sanya, the Yalong Bay International Rose Valley has become a charming icon of Sanya’s agricultural leisure tourism. According to the local government, the second phase project of the Rose Valley is under construction and will include a wedding shooting base, a high-quality international rose garden, a rose tea culture area, an edible rose dining area and multi-functional sites for hot-air balloon carnivals, touring cars and camping activities.

Rose is the symbol of love, different color stands for different meaning, it has profound culture to learn and to explore. It features 1,200 types of roses in this rose valley. So far, there are 40 foreign reporters or media workers from 15 countries have different news cover on the reports of this rose valley. Juan Manuel Cuellar from Spanish National TV Station said that he has never ever seen such a big-scale rose valley before, it will make Sanya a different city of outstanding and beautiful romance. China’s state leader of XiJinping has visited Yalong Bay National Rose Valley and emphasizes the significant importance of valley on the process of building Hainan into international tourism island. It will be a popular destination for rose culture exhibition, and leisure sightseeing in the near future.

Sun Flower Park
The beautiful sunflower park has thousands of beautiful sunflower plants, which like loyal warriors standing under the sunshine with its bright smiles.

Wedding Venue
The ideal place for romantic wedding site where the life-long partners witness the most memorable and excited emotional moment. The beginning of happy life starts from here.

Lovers Bower
Travelers can sit in front of the modern and cozy bower and watch the sun set together. It is not a dream to feel the luxury and wild impetuous love at this moment.l The rare-wild unregulated nature is just in-between of your fingers.

Ideal Place for Wedding Photograph Taking
Longing for wearing a beautiful and romantic wedding dress, and lead by handsome groom in a western outfit. The ever-lasting moment can be recorded here in the rose valley.

Other entertainment items: have a sip of fresh tea, it makes your Rose Valley trip to the acme of perfection. You may also share your happiness with your family members by bringing home your self-made pottery of ceramic craft. Or for more, you can take the natural extracts of rose home by collecting 2000 g of roses, the sweet fragrance will lingering around you, the fun, the life... ...

To book the tour with us, please kindly write to or call us at 18889988432, half day tour will be arranged for you with English speaking staff accompanied.

Yalong Bay National Rose Valley will be built into the biggest rose park in Asia of its kind. The valley is located in Yalong Bay National Resort area.

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