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Lying in the southernmost tip of Hannan Island, Sanya is a beachfront tropical city in China, featuring blue sea, graceful rivers, serene islands and beautiful bays. Seafood and minority cultures are the other highlights for a holiday in Sanya.For luxury hotels and resorts, Sanya is the first choice with colourful night life and entertainment.

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Where to Stay, five star beach front hotels

Find a place to stay Haitang Bay national coast South China Sea Pearl
There over thousand of hotels in Sanya, too many to choose. Good value for money is Resort Intime in the heart of the picturesque Dadonghai Bay, blessed with clear water and white sandy beach, the hotel merges harmoniously with the tropical garden.. more Haitang Bay the national coast with over 200 billion yuan investment in the first phase, over ten hotels have finished, the biggest Duty Free Shop is there, and Olympic Center will be constructed. The unspoiled water and prestine beach will attract more people. Haitang Bay is doomed to be the attention of the world. more

Four Points By Sheraton Hotel Hainan, Sanya provides value-for-money accommodations near the city centre and South China Sea in southern Hainan. Admire views of the ocean or tropical gardens from one of their 370 spacious, stylish guest rooms and suites.

How to get to Sanya and tour around with more fun

Tour by low altitude helicopter By plane, train or bus Self-driving tour more fun

It is manned by four people including one pilot. The helicopter is CLIPPER II belonging to R44 Series from Robinson Aviation Company. By this helicopter, it only takes one hour from Sanya to Haikou. more

Haikou Meilan Airport and Sanya Phoenix Airpot both open domestic and international flight routes. Many direct flights available from major cities in China, as well as from some foreign countries. more

To rent a car in Sanya for your excursion has more fun. Rent a car to drive along the East Highway/West Highway will be a good ideal to and explore more about Hainan Island. You can pick up and return car in Sanya or Haikou. more

Sanya Favorites & Amusement Places

Massage and medicure Modern Cinema in Sanya Olympics Shooting Center
Sanya is an relaxing place, things that worth to do includes massage and medicure etc. The therapists are specially trained and drape sheets discreetly over any area of the body not involved in the treatment and to respect your privacy at all times.more
There are two cinemas in Sanya, one is Mingzhou Square on Jiefang Road, another one is Wanda Grand Theatre in Haitang Bay which is modern and luxury. It offers IMAX. No matter you are a Chinese or foreigners, you always can find one movie you like. more
Located in Hongsha, Sanya, Olympics Shooting & Entertainment Center is only 5 minutes drive from Donghai Bay and 15 minutes from downtown, and 20 minutes from Yalong Bay. it is the most comprehensive shooting center in Southeast Asian more

Sanya Famous Ladyboy Show Qianguqing Scenic Spot Sanya Las Vegas Show

To give the guests passion and surprise, Sanya Guoxi Hotel have specially invited a number of exotic "Hot Stars" and top-level sex-changers from China and Thailand to join them.

Sanya Qianguqing Scenic Spot is the biggest intangible cultural heritage exhibition center in Sanya city after its completion, combining Sanya's Tianya Culture, Li & Miao culture and many other Sanya original folk.

"The beauty crown" dance shows mainly by MGM team, whom has a successful performance in Las Vegas for years, moreover, the Group contain the Russia's art group, the Cuban Havana national art group, the Chinese acrobatic troupe and the world famous art team and so on. more
Italian stunt Bizzarro
Marine Show
Surfing paradise Riyue Bay

The performers are from Italian Romania, China and Korea, mainly perform the car, truck and motorbike stunt, it is really thrilling, you have to hold your breath while watching the show.

The Marine Show on Phoenix Island is a large scale performance on the South China Sea. It is participated by the national athlete champions Xiao Xin, Tao Weihua and Peng Chun. It is a maritime feast for all the audiences.

Surfing in Hainan is focused on two primary areas: the Eastern coast and the Southern coast (Sanya), which has access to both East-facing beaches as well as a few South-facing beaches that catch swell during the summer months. more
Where to eat and what to eat in Sanya

Night clubs and coffee bar Never disappoited Delicious snacks to enjoy
There are many nights restaurants and coffee bars in Sanya, to name some of them Coffee Times, Coffee World, Ellen Bar, Too many of these for young people to give full vent the stress from work or life. more To find good food, you never fail, there are so many good restaurants in Sanya for consistently excellent service and taste. Western food like Japanese food, Korean food, Russian food, Tailand food, Italian food, beside wonderful fresh seafood available on this island. more Explore Hainan, find the authentic local specialties. There are many kinds of snacks on this tropical island such as coconut soup, glutinous rice made cakes, different kinds of rice noodles, snails and sweet potato etc more.
Sanya Water Sports and other activities
Fishing Marine World Jianfengling Tropical Forest Marine life and diving
Sanya as the only tropical city in China, it boasts rich ocean resources enriching numerous tropical and colorful fish. The blue sky, cerulean seawater, and gentle breeze enable a comfortable and nice far-sea fishing trip. more It is regarded as top 10 most beautiful forest in china,has the world level tourism recourses, it is China’s only one forest consisting of mountain and ocean.China’s best reserved primeval tropical rain forest more Scuba diving is Sanya’s most popular water sport and as it boasts the most beautiful dive sites in the China – the water is clear, sea life plentiful transport and accommodation readily available and instruction to a very high standard. more

Sanya Nantian Hot Spring Luxury yacht life style Mission Hill Golf Course
Nantian Hot Spring Is consisted of 67 hotspring pools in different sizes and functions. The different pools include: waterfall pools, perfume pools, flora scent pools, Chinese herbal pools ,ice spring pools, lover pools and “fish therapy” pools etc.. more
You can have variety of chooses ranging from small size to large scale with the capacity from two people up to two hundred people. Find yourself a enjoy Sanya trip with luxury yacht tour on the South China Sea.. more The paradise for golfers with , daylight of more than 300 days of a year. There are over 40 18-holes golf courses around the island. The most popular courses in Sanya are Yalong Bay Golf Coures, Forest Valley Golf Course, Sun Valley Golf Course... more
Sanya Shopping
Shopping in Sanya Hainan No. 1 Market shopping South China Sea Pearl
Sanya as one of the most popular tourist destinations, here has everything to offer to you. Several supermarkets are just around the corner. It is well-known that there are beautiful pearl and crystal in Hainan. more Sanya as one of the most popular tourist destinations, here has everything to offer to you. Several supermarkets are just around the corner. Summer Mall is the biggest one supermarket in Dadonghai area. .more A saying is that there are five kings and one queen among all gems. The Kings are diamond, carbuncle,sapphire,emerald and chrysoberyl, while the queen is pearl.Jinrun Pearl Museum is the first pearl museum in China. . more
Sanya Natural Scenery and Wonderland

West Island Sanya Amazing landscape Hainan Li and Miao Minority Village
Since West Island is remotely located, thus accounting for the little pollution and beautiful environment. the Western Island is open to the public.West Island has a wide array of souvenirs to bring home for family and friends. Chose from exotic seashells...

Hainan has so much to offer, the clear sky, the green mountain, the fresh air, the azure sea. Over dozen of attractions for family vacations or friends gathering ranging from thrilling outdoor adventures to intimate getaways more

It comprises three major features: the primitive Li Minority village, the ecological Miao Minority village, and tropical jungle, ranking as one of the most important tourist attractions on Hainan and is among its top ten scenic spots
more .


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