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Marine Show on Phoenix Island

The Marine Show on Phoenix Island is a large scale performance on the South China Sea. It is participated by the national athlete champions Xiao Xin, Tao Weihua and Peng Chun. It is a maritime feast for all the audiences. The programs include motorboat stunts, wakeboarding, fly-board, and other maritime aircraft. The members of the team have participated in the famous movie “Future Police”directed by Wang Jing, and participated in the opening ceremony of 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games as well as 2008 Olympic Regatta Performance etc.

Taking the ocean base as stage, the performance is just gorgeous with all high-tech visual elements, the ever-changing dazzling lights, the water fountain screen, the colorful firework. More impressively, the “Watter Runner” is the highlight of the whole show. The fly-board is powered by the speedboat, the sea water spry through a 15 meters long tube to transport the performers and it is forming a stunt feast of the sea.

Highlights of the show
The high tech visual feast, the beauty of sexy Bikini girls, the professional water sports performers, the water-formed electronic screen

Phoenix Island is an artificial island connecting the land by a bridge of 395 meters long in Sanya Bay, it is also the main harbor for international cruise ships. It is integrated with five star hotels, international healthcare center, international conference center, business center, villas, commercial street, international yacht club and Olympic Park.

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