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Haitang Bay is 28 kilometers away from Sanya. Compared with the developed resort zones like Yalong Bay and Dadonghai Bay, Haitang Bay is still a virgin land retaining its unspoiled pristine beauty.more details about Haitang Bay National Coast click here
The Westin Blue Bay Resort ★★★★★ RMB 980
Sheraton_Sanya_Haitang_Bay_Resort ★★★★★ RMB 980
The_Royal_Begonia ★★★★★ RMB 980
Infinity_Ocean_Beach_Resort_Hainan ★★★★★ RMB 980
Raffles_Hainan_Hotel ★★★★★ RMB 980
Haitang_Bay_Fu_Wan_Minorca_Resort ★★★★★ RMB 980
HaiTang_Bay_Gloria Sanya ★★★★★ RMB 980
Kempinski_Hotel_Haitang_Bay_Sanya ★★★★★ RMB 1488
Westin_Sanya_Haitang_Bay_Resort ★★★★★ RMB TBA
Intercontinental Sanya Haitang Bay Resort ★★★★★ RMB TBA
Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa ★★★★★ RMB 1450
Doubletree Resort by Hilton Sanya Haitang Bay ★★★★★ RMB 1080
Yalong Bay has the No. 1 National Resort in China with world-class resorts, crystal sandy beach, cerulean sky, clear water, bright sunshine and extraordinary environment, irresistible attraction for you and for all. For more information, click here
MGM Grand Sanya Resort ★★★★★ RMB 1180
Lan Sanya Resort ★★★★★ RMB 800
Golden Palm Resort ★★★★★ RMB 1388
The St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay Resort ★★★★★ RMB 1080
Dadonghai Bay boasts a breathtaking sea view, 5 minutes to Sanya City Centre with plentiful things to offer: international restaurants, authentic Hainan Cuisine, bars, shopping mall, exciting water sports and colorful night life. more click here
Mingshen_Jinjiang_Golf&Bay_Resort_Sanya ★★★★ RMB 520
Barry Boutique_Hotel_Sanya ★★★★ RMB 450
Rising_Triumph_Hotel_Sanya ★★★★ RMB 480
InterContinental_Sanya_Resort ★★★★★ RMB 1500
Serenity_Coast_Apa rtment_Sanya ★★★★★ RMB 1800
Serenity_Coast_Resort_Sanya ★★★★★ RMB 1050
Flower_Hostel_Sanya ★★★★★ RMB 150
Serenity_Marina_Hotel ★★★★ RMB 550
Sanya Marriott Hotel Dadonghai Bay ★★★★ RMB 1280
Anantara Sanya Resort & Spa ★★★★★ RMB1350
Sanya Bay features 17 kilometers Coconut Dream Corridor, the ideal place for romantic holiday and party gathering, 10 minutes to Sanya Phoenix International Airport, some hotels can provide you with hot spring therapy. More information click here
Mangrove Tree Resort Sanya Bay ★★★★★ RMB 550
Seacube Resort Sanya ★★★★ RMB 550
Phoenix Waterside Gloria Resort Sanya ★★★★ RMB550
Four_Points_by_Sheraton_Hainan ★★★★★ RMB600
Grand Fortune Bay Hotel Sanya ★★★★★ RMB1300
Sanya Junran Hotspring Hotel ★★★★★ RMB450
Phoenix Island Hotel Sanya ★★★★★ RMB 1280
Grand Metropark Bay Hotel Sanya ★★★★★ RMB 400
Sanya Bay Mangrove Tree ★★★★★ RMB 480
HNA_Duke_Mansion ★★★★★ RMB 680
Sanya Leaguer Recreation Resort ★★★★ RMB 450
Downtown Sanya is a place for local life, the busiest shopping street on No. 1 Jiefang road, where you can find the cheapest but best souvenir for your beloved, to see the smiling and happy faces of friendly Hainan people and more
JOYA_International_Hotel ★★★★ RMB 500
YiYuanXunYu_Hotel ★★★★ RMB 398
Lake Island International Resort Hotel ★★★ RMB 248
Mangrove Tree Resort World Sanya Bay ★★★★★ RMB 450
Sheng Fu Yuan Sanya Hotel ★★★★ RMB 338
KTR Wangfu Hotel Sanya ★★★★★ RMB 300
Sanya Century_Grand_Hotel ★★★★ RMB 450
Ramada Plaza Sanya ★★★★★ RMB 480
Sanya International Hotel ★★★★ RMB 450
Baoting Hotels  offers you clean and nice rooms; all recommended budget hotels are in Dadonghai with very convenient geographic location, some of them have panorama sea view rooms available, why not spend less money to get the same memorable experience.
The_Tang_Hotel_Mount_Qixian ★★★★★ RMB 380
★★★★ RMB 298
DoubleTree_Resort_by_Hilton_Hainan_Qixianling ★★★★★ RMB 738
★★★★★ RMB 590
Qixian_Yaochi_Hot_Spring_Resort ★★★★★ RMB500
Baoting_Rainforest_Fairyland_Resort_&_Spa_Qixian_Mount ★★★★★ RMB600
Mingdao_Hechuan_Hot_Spring_Resort ★★★★★ RMB550
HSF_Zhongnan_Hotel_Qixian_Mount ★★★★★ RMB600
Bulongsai Hotel & Resort ★★★★★ RMB400
Days_Inn_Hot_Spring_Baoting ★★★★★ RMB400
Baoting_Qixianling_Golf_&_Spa_Club ★★★★★ RMB500
The_Tang_Hotel_Hainan_Mount_Qixian ★★★★★ RMB600
Others Hainan Island, the southernmost place of China is a charming magnet for tourists around the world with its beautiful weather, clean air, beach, sand, resorts, water sports, golf, seafood and numerous attractions. The life style here is leisure and pleasant, come to get away from the hustle and bustle of big city life. How joyful it will be!
Holiday_Inn_Resort_Hainan_Clear_Water_Bay ★★★★★ RMB 738
G_Charlton_Hotels_&_Resorts_Yazhou_Bay_Sanya ★★★★★ RMB 700
Jianfengling_Tianchi_Taoyuan_Resort ★★★★★ RMB 650
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Haikou ★★★★★ RMB TBA
Oscar Hotel Haikou ★★★★ RMB 350
Riyue Bay 21 Century Hotel ★★★★ RMB 280
Sanya_Yiyang_Nantian_Hotspring_Resort_Hotel ★★★★ RMB 280
Hainan WYNDHAM GRAND Longmu Bay ★★★★★ RMB 600
Wuzhishan_Yatai_Rainforest_Resort_Hotel ★★★★ RMB 750
Sanya Moon Bay Resort ★★★★★ RMB 668
Shangri_La_Hotel_Haikou ★★★★★ RMB 1350
Mission Hills Haikou Golf Club ★★★★★ RMB 1280
Hainan_Shanhai_Beach_Holiday_Resort_Hotel ★★★★ RMB 300
Guesthouse_International_Hotel_Renaissance_City_Haikou ★★★★ RMB 308
Boao Holliyard Seaview Resort ★★★★ RMB 300
Wuzhizhou_Island_Resort_Sanya_Coral_Hotel ★★★★★ RMB TBA
Haohanpo Sanya Resort ★★★★ RMB 500
Sheraton Shenzhou Peninsular Resort ★★★★★ RMB 450

All the rooms of the above listed hotels booked through us include following service and items:

  Free Government Tax (normally are charged RMB11/night/room or per person for 5 star hotels, RMB9 for 4 star hotels and RMB6 for 3 star hotels according to local government policy.)

  service charge included, free buffet breakfast (either Chinese or Western style) in 5 star and 4 star hotels.

  All room rates are subject to change high during Labor Day, National Day and Spring Festival Period.
  Rate is quoted in terms of Chinese RMB. Other foreign currency may subject to change due to the exchange rate.
  Payment by cash is preferred, any applicable surcharge will be confirmed at time of booking
  The credit card you provided is for guarantee only. No payment will be processed. If you have not reached the hotel     on the due day, the penalty will be carried out according to the agreement in Confirmation Letter.
  The above room rate of this hotel is just for consideration ONLY. The Real-time rate during your arrival date will be  confirmed in Reservation Confirmation Letter.

  Our special offers subject to weekends supplements various at different hotels. Please note that the hotels also offer  their online room rate, but not include buffet breakfast, local tax or service fee.