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Sanya Tropical Aquarium

Location: The End of The Earth

It's about 300 meters beside the End of the Earth, with coconut grove, white sand and blue sea. There are 8 great sightseeing places such as the Tropical Aquarium, seabirds park, crocodile park, turtle park etc. Also there are many different kinds of animal performances just like sea lions, crocodiles, smart birds, sea turtles. More than 400 kinds of tropical marine life are living here. It is the only exploitation of living marine resources of large multi-purpose sites in Hainan province.



The park will show dolphins, sea lions, crocodiles and sea birds performances everyday.

Seal Museum: Almost everyone loves seals because they are very funny and smart.

Tropical Aquarium: From the South China Sea marine life, sharks, coral and a variety of more than a few hundred shellfish, such as more than a few hundred.

Turtle Museum: Let you take a wide view and receive a deep understanding of life and their origin and evolution.


Hainan, the southernmost point of China has lots to offer such as unspoiled beaches, pristine landscapes and some of the most abundant wildlife in the world. Its diverse beauty, numerous tourist attractions and seemingly endless selections of outdoor activities bring you every possibility.

Sandy Beach, Blue Sky, White Clouds, Clear Water, Green Mountain, Spectacular Vistas, Water Sports, Delicious Food, Tropical Fruits, Interesting Minorities Festivals and Various Activities.

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