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Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

click once to enlarge the photo,click the middle button to change the size Located in Xinglong a less than one and a half hour drive from Sanya, Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden was built in 1957 covering an area of 400,000 sq. meters with 1200 tropical plants. It is nearly perfect for plants to grow; now the botanic garden does not only play the role of an important agricultural base, but also a famous tourism resort. It really deserves the name of "tropical plants encyclopedia". It will be a wonderful experience to know what Coco, coffee, peppers and many other plants we may never see them before look like before you have them in your cups. It is one of the most popular tourists attractions on Hainan Island.

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden is a complex scenic zone that combines nature, culture, garden and eco reservation, occupying an area of 5800mu. It has different zones such as plant scenic zone, tropical rain forest zone, animal feeding zone, artificial tropical rain forest zone (celebrity plant zone), garden scenic zone, and forest camping zone. There are all kinds of animals and tropical plants. It is the one of the national tourism development priority project, and it is appointed by the government as an exemplary ecological base for environmental education and a species gene pool.

Notes on TicketsTicket fare: 60RMB for common visitors and 30RMB/ticket for the national entitled groups, students of primary schools, middle schools and colleges by showing a valid certificate (other than the travel agencies). 2. The resting rooms in the tourist attraction are free for use. No other extra fee will be charged inside the tourist attraction. Battery truck 20RMB/person.

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The most poisinous tree in the world--Antiaris Toxicaria

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Cocoa fruit only produced in Xinglong
Bougainvillea, the city flower of Sanya City is a website for you to find all your needs in Hainan

Hainan, the southernmost point of China has lots to offer such as the unspoiled beaches, pristine landscapes and some of the most abundant wildlife in the world. Its diverse beauty, numerous tourists attractions and seemingly endless selections of outdoor activities bring you every possibility.

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