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Dadonghai Budget hotel, family Inn, holiday apartment, cheap hotel accommodation, hot deal on hotels

most budget hotels at Dadonghai are nice and clean, good for money-minded travelers

Dadonghai budgets hotel Ranking Rate Rack Rate Our Offer
Blue Sky International Apartment (City) Excellent RMB980 RMB260
Haoting Sea View Holiday Apartment Excellent RMB980 RMB450
Nanfeng Seaside Resort Sanya Excellent RMB280 RMB150
Weilan Leisure Holiday Hotel Excellent RMB380 RMB200
Dadonghai Yijia Holiday Apartment Excellent RMB380 RMB200
Lanhai Sea View Apartment Excellent RMB380 RMB280
Blue Sea Guesthouse Excellent RMB280 RMB190
Sunshine Sea View Holiday Hotel Excellent RMB980 RMB370
Nenus Villa Excellent RMB380 RMB200
Kaiyue Sea View Hotel Good RMB488 RMB120
Haiyuan Sea View Holiday Guesthouse Good RMB488 RMB148
Lansegangwan Family Inn Good RMB480 RMB100
Tianlai Guesthouse Good RMB780 RMB138
Jiayuan Family Inn Good RMB350 RMB100
Dadonghai Youjia Hotel Moderate RMB320 RMB110
Haizhu Family Inn Moderate RMB488 RMB100
Tianyuan Family Inn Moderate RMB580 RMB120
Longjia Hotel Moderate RMB150 RMB90
Hainyu Family Inn Moderate RMB120 RMB80
Yadong Holiday Family Inn Moderate RMB120 RMB90
Haifeng Holiday Hotel Moderate RMB150 RMB120
Shenlong Family Inn Moderate RMB180 RMB80
Junmeng Family Inn Moderate RMB280 RMB108
Tianyi Family Inn Moderate RMB280 RMB90

Blue Sky International Apartment , Start from RMB120

Room type: One King Size Bed and one Pull-out sofa, which can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children
It is located in between of Dadonghai Bay and Sanya Bay, with No. 202 and 204 buses available, only several minutes by taxi from shopping street or Dadonghai beach.
Our Special Offers: for monthly stay at RMB120/room.night, for weekly stay at RMB180/room.night, for one day stay at RMB260/room.night. link Blue Sky International Apartment

Lanhai Sea View Apartment, start from RMB280

Lanhai Sea View Apartment

Room types: one bedroom sea view, two-bedroom garden view,  two-bedroom sea view, 3-bedroom sea view, 3 bedroom deluxe sea view
Facilities: swimming pool, tennis course, pavilion and garden, beach access (50 m away) easy access to shopping center, convenient transportation

Room Type Rack Rate Our Offer
Sea View Suite (one bedroom) RMB380 RMB280
Garden View Suite (2 bedrooms) RMB400 RMB300
Sea View Suite (2 bedrooms) RMB450 RMB350
Sea View Suite (3 bedrooms) RMB880 RMB450
Deluxe Sea View Suite (2 bedrooms) RMB880 RMB450
Deluxe Sea View Suite (3 bedrooms) RMB988 RMB550

Haoting Sea View Holiday Apartment, start from RMB450

Haoting Sea View Holiday Apartment
Room type: Deluxe Sea View Honeymoon Suite (one bedroom), Deluxe Sea View Suite (two bedrooms), Deluxe Sea View Suite (three bedrooms) and Deluxe Sea View Suite (4 bedrooms)
All the apartments or suites are located on 12/13/17 Floor; the facilities include swimming pool, tennis course, pavilion and garden, 2 min to the beach, 5 min to shopping center, convenient transportation

Room type Rack rate Our offer
Honey Moon Suite RMB980 RMB450
Deluxe Sea View Suite (2 bedrooms) RMB1280 RMB550
Deluxe Sea View Suite (3 bedrooms) RMB1480 RMB580
Deluxe Sea View Suite (4 bedrooms) RMB1680 RMB720

Nanfeng Seaside Resort Sanya, start from RMB100

Nanfeng Seaside Resort Sanya
It was open in Oct. 2003, consisting of 12 rooms with panoramic sea view, equipped with swimming pool, tennis court, gym so on, 2 min to beach, a nice hotel with comfortable room amenities.

Room type Special Offer Remarks
Garden View Single Room RMB150 Garden View
Sea View Twin Room RMB240 Sea View with balcony
Honeymoon room RMB288 Sea View with balcony
Suite with 1 bedroom RMB330 Sea View with kitchen
Suite with 2 bedroom RMB580 Sea View with kitchen
Suite with 3 bedroom RMB780 Sea View with kitchen

Junmeng Family Apartment, start from RMB108

Junmeng Family Apartment
Room Type: standard room, honeymoon room
It located at the intersection of Lulin Rd. and Yuya Rd. (the main street of Dadonghai), convenient public transportation, beside Hawaii Hotel, 10 min to beach, nice interior décor.

Room Type Rack Rate Our Offer
Standard Room RMB280 RMB108
Honeymoon Room RMB380 RMB138

Jiayuan Family Inn, start from RMB100

Jiayuan Family Inn
It is located in Dadonghai area, 5 minutes to the famous beach. This family hotel owned by a couple used to live in USA. The couple is fond of painting. Upon enter, you can see oil paintings all over the hotel. It is a nice and neat hotel with everything in an apple-pie order. It offer standard room at RMB100 and RMB120 for small and big sizes.

Sunshine Sea View Holiday Hotel, start from RMB370

Room type: honeymoon suite, panoramic sea view room (2 bedrooms, 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom)
This hotel has been recommended in CCTV programs to these high-end family who is seeking for a high quality and nice beach getaway in Sanya at best value for money. It equipped with swimming pool, gym, tennis court, billiard, Chinese chess room, table tennis, internet access, kitchen and other personalized services.

Room Type Rack Rate Our Offer
Sweetheart Room RMB980 RMB370
Honeymoon Room RMB1080 RMB390
Sea View (2 bedrooms) RMB1280 RMB600
Sea View (3 bedrooms) RMB1680 RMB780
Sea View (4 bedrooms) RMB1880 RMB980

Weilan Leisure Holiday Apartment , start from RMB200

Blue Sea Guest House

a very nice apartment, 2 minutes to the beach at Dadonghai Bay, high floors, same with sea view, nice room accommodation, a good lodging from family vacation. It offers 2 bedrooms apartment, 3 bedrooms apartment and 4 bedrooms apartment, equipped with kitchen and utensils, dinning table and chairs.

Room Type
Rack Rate
Our Offer
Single King Room
Sea View Twin Room
Suite with 1 bedroom
Sea view, nice kitchen
Suite with 2 bedrooms
Sea view, nice kitchen
Suite with 2 bedrooms
Super Sea view, nice kitchen
Suite with 3 bedrooms
Sea view, nice kitchen and Mahjong table
Suite with 4 bedrooms
Sea view, nice kitchen and Mahjong table
Triplex suite with 4 bedrooms
Garden in the air and in-house kitchen
Each day has two sea-view rooms available at special rate of RMB180 for single occupation, and RMB200 for twin size room.

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