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Sanya Serenity Marina Hotel

Five Star Hotel in XiaoDonghai Bay
Open in Feb, 2012 ★★★★★

Serenity Marina Hotel is located in the southeast of Deer Turning Head Park (LuHuiTou Park), is only a few min driving distance from the famous scenic spot Dadonghai Bay, and ten min away from Sanya downtown, 25 min from Sanya Phoenix International Airport.

Serenity Marina Hotel features 194 deluxe guest rooms and suites, offering a breathtaking view overlooking the Marina and Sanya bay. Each room has a semi -private balcony and all the modern comforts.  All the rooms are outfitted with modern amenities. It includes a western restaurant, an outdoor pool overlooking the sea, and a luxury Spa, also provides good angle to enjoy beautiful sea view.

Serenity Marina Hotel is one of the best resorts for your holiday accommodation. We offer the best rates with buffet breakfast for max 2 persons including service charge and government tax. Airport pickups are provided by Globalsanya Travel Agency within Sanya Area. The rates quoted below are for normal days exclusive of major holidays (Labor Day, National Day, Chinese Spring Festival and Western Christmas). The real-time rate is confirmed at the time of booking. For room reservation, please email us at

Room Type Rack Rate Reception Rate Our Rate Sep.30-Oct.7 Size Floor Quantity Bed
Elegant Room RMB2599 RMB1300 RMB450 RMB550 38-48 1st-5th 26 26 K200cm*200cm
Ocean View Room RMB2999 RMB1500 RMB550 RMB650 48 2nd-3rd 56 24 K200cm*200cm
32 T110cm*200cm
Harbor Ocean View Room RMB3599 RMB1800 RMB750 RMB850 48 3rd-5th 104 48 K200cm*200cm
56 T110cm*200cm
Super Ocean View Suite RMB6999 RMB3500 RMB1800 RMB2100 108 2rd-5th 8 8 K200cm*200cm

In terms of dining, guests may head to France restaurant La Palme d'or specializing in south French dishes and Mediterranean food, especially French seafood dinner. In addition, guests may also have dining experience at Blue Moon Cafe where they may enjoy Western cafe and authentic Hainan cafe, pastries and New Zealand ice cream.

When it comes to recreation, guests may enjoy sailing boat experience, get relaxed by a variety of spas, take active in swimming pool or play tennis for a change.
Serenity Marina Hotel values customer service excellence and tailored hospitality to transform your visit into an enjoyable and memorable stay in Sanya.

Furthermore, Serenity Marina Resort also offers a wide variety of dining rooms, proposing excellent venues for small gatherings, weddings or business luncheon invitations. Private salons are also available to accommodate smaller groups.

There are many tropical trees and beautiful water fountains; you will experience a new concept of modern life. Enjoy a colorful and a exciting collection of stores such as fashion and luxury brands, beauty and wellness, and art galleries. Great brands of Yachts are at your readiness.

Exclusive amenities - members only areas include the Cigar Lounge, private bar and terraces, and conference rooms to enjoy a private meeting with fellow boaters or entertain business partners, catch up with the latest news on the complimentary wireless internet. Members will obtain access to the fitness center, swimming pool and more.

As a member of Serenity Marina Yacht Club, you will automatically gain the right to berth your yacht in the marina on a permanent basis.

Serenity Resort development:
-State-of-the-art Marina
-Waterfront restaurants & hotel 
-Leisure & entertainment facilities 
-Yacht Club
-Shopping Avenue

Add:  Luhuitou Development Zone, Sanya, Hainan, China . /  Post Code : 572000
Tel : + 86 898 8822 2888
Fax : + 86 898 8859 5874
Reservation: + 86 898 38281779
Hotlin: +86 13876566128     +86 18889988432

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