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Serenity Coast Resort Sanya

Dadonghai Bay
Serenity Coast Resort Sanya

Open 2010 ★★★★★

Serenity Coast Resort Sanya is established by Sanya Luhuitou Tourism Development Co., Ltd.. Located in the natural double bay formed the silent Little Donghai and Sanya Bay, it is adjacent to universally known holiday resorts such as Intercontinental Sanya Resort and Anantara Sanya Resort & Spa, Luhuitou Park and Luhuitou Golf Course, and close to private Yacht Club and State-level Diving Area.

Near Xiaodonghai separated from Dadonghai by a narrow strip of water, there is a simple and elegant place. Backing on the mountain and facing the sea, this place boasts idle time of nobles. Such 31-storeyed luxury architecture is grand but not high-profile. Standing on Luhuitou Mountain, it silently listens to the most beautiful story about the end of the world.

The resort is only 8-minute’s drive from the downtown and 3-minute’s drive from well-known Dadonghai. Separated by a mountain, the resort is quiet in a noisy neighborhood. The resort has 357 suites with two or three bedrooms and covering an area from 120 to 322 square meters. Within such suite, open kitchen, washing machine and luxury bathtub in the master bedroom are available. Living in Serenity Coast Resort Sanya , you can lose yourself in silence and pleasure brought by the mountain and the sea and experience pleasant sunshine and comfortable

We provide you airport round trip transfers in Sanya. All room rates quoted below include daily buffet breakfast for 1-4 people per suite, and are for normal days exclusive of major holidays (Labor Day, National Day, Chinese Spring Festival and Western Christmas). The real-time rate is confirmed at the time of booking. For room reservation, please email us at

Room Type Room Quantity Suite Type Rack Rate Our Offer Remark
Ocean View Family Suite 99 2F2T,120㎡ ¥2,900 ¥1400 Ocean View
Superior Ocean View Suite 105 2F2T,120㎡ ¥3,200 ¥1500 Ocean View
Deluxe Ocean View Suite 93 2F2T,120㎡ ¥3,800 ¥1600 Ocean View
Mountain and Ocean View Suite 13 2F3T,170㎡ ¥4,300 ¥1900 Ocean View
Panoramic Ocean View Suite 20 3F2T,170㎡ ¥5,500 ¥2400 Ocean View
Mountain Ocean View Suite 20 2F3T,170㎡ ¥6,900 ¥2500 Ocean View
Grand Ocean View Suite 5 3F2T,170㎡ ¥8,300 ¥2800 Ocean View
  1. All guest rooms are at least 120 square meters and have a super-size view balcony.
  2. Guest rooms are constructed on the single side and south and north of guest rooms are transparent. There are six rooms on each floor, which ensures silence and privacy.
  3. Seasonings and cookware are available in the open kitchen of the guestroom.
  4. Washing machine and washing powder are provided in the guest room.
  5. The master bedroom has a luxury bathtub, where you can appreciate seascape at the time of bathing.
  6. You can completely appreciate sunrise and sunset on the sea in the double bay

Cafe`de Hong Kong Dishes served in a clay pot and delicate stir-fried dishes are cooked with superior materials and various seasonings so as to create diversified taste and meet your demands for food. Located on the first floor, Cafe`de Hong Kong displays profound essence of traditional Hong Kong style food in a completely new manner. Here, you can reserve your dinner at the terrace on the second floor, where your can appreciate the sunset and listen to the sound from the sea at the same time of tasting good wine.
Ocean Blue Six compact private dinning rooms of this Chinese restaurant combine ancient woodcarving workmanship and modern elements and display classical style of Chinese restaurant through fashionable decoration, proving you with delicate and private dinning environment.
Outdoor BBQ You can enjoy scrumptious BBQ on the outdoor terrace on the second floor of Hong Kong Style Restaurant. Outside the transparent floor-to-ceiling windows is endless South China Sea and green and verdant tropical sceneries.

Private Beach
Narrow and long double-crescent beach is a gift given by God. Such a charming and gentle beach appears more primitive against islands on two sides. Cool and clean seawater indicates this place has not been polluted. Sea wind pushes waves to slowly roll up little spindrifts and such spindrifts are so tender and exquisite. The beach in the sunshine gives out the light of diamonds. You can take off shoes, stamp on soft sand grains, and have you feet soaked by seawater, and relax your each cell. ……

Outdoor Swimming Pool
With clean water, romantic SPA cabin, charming light and winding paths and unique waterside pavilions, you can have a good time in the swimming pool after returning from the seaside.

Fitness Center
Superior fitness facilities and comfortable bathing devices enable you to enjoy the most considerate service.

Kid’s Garden
Children’s playground of the resort is bright and cozy. A great many intelligent toys make children fondle admiringly and linger on and forget to return. This is a private heaven for children and best place for communication between parents and children.

Meeting Facilities
Five meeting rooms with natural light are elaborately, elegantly and exquisitely decorated. With electric screen, data projector, digital meeting host, microphones, sound consoles and power amplifiers, ceiling loudspeaker boxes, DVD, such meeting room is first choice for high-end businessmen to held small-scale meetings. Brilliant meeting management personnel, personalized service, appropriate planning and careful arrangement of each detail will ensure success of each activity.
Hotel Service

  1.   Business Centre
  2.   Meeting services
  3.   Concierge
  4.   Currency Exchange
  5.   Tourist Information
  6.   Bicycle Rental
  7.   Buggy services        
  8.   Free City Shuttle Bus
  9.   Free baby cot
  10.   Complimentary in-room Internet

No. 15 Xiaodonghai Road, Sanya, Hainan Province 572000, China
Phone:  +86 898-8855 8666      Fax: +86 898-88659018

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