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New fresh feeling for beach front hotel in Dadonghai.
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Pullman, the Accor Group’s new chain of individual & upscale hotels and resorts, is designed to make life easier for business and leisure travellers. Pullman offers its guests a stress-free environment.
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Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort is a five-star resort with a different experience. Facing the magnificent endless blue sea, it has a great open area, the building areas covers 150 acres of land.
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Resort Golden Palm was opened on January 16th, 2001; it has 248 elegant guestrooms, graceful Chinese and Western restaurants, a beautiful roof garden, and a 1200 square meters swimming pool.
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Located in the heart of Dadonghai Bay, 2 minute to Dadonghai beautiful beach. There are many bars and restaurants downstairs, in which you can taste local and foreign food to your heart content.
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All links lead to more detailed information on all hotels in each bay.
Hotels & beach resorts in Yalong Bay
The No. 1 National Resort in China with world-class resorts, irresistible attraction for you and for all.

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There are more than 300 luxury, moderate or budget hotels in Sanya, Hainan Island, for your accommodations. You always can find the right one, which will fit your taste and budget, we have cooperated with the major hotels in Sanya, and thus we are able to offer the best accommodation rates at competitive prices. Book your luxury and elegant hotel, or moderate and nice one, or budget and clean youth hostel, We always can meet your requirements. Please Note: that all the 4/5 star hotels, we offer best deal with breakfast and local tax for max 2 persons, save up to 50% with our guaranteed lowest hotel rates. We also arrange airport pick up in Sanya area, Hainan Island.
Hotels & beach resorts in Dadonghai Bay
Breathtaking sea view, exciting water sports, wonderful night life and convenient for shopping and dinning.
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Hotels & beach resorts in Sanya Bay
Features 17 kilometers Coconut Dream Corridor, the ideal place for romantic holiday and tranquil life.

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Budget hotels and apartments Budget Hotel List
Good value for money and very convenient location. spend less, enjoy more.
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All hotels beach front in Sanya, Hainan Island
Beautiful weather, clean air, beach, sand, resorts, water sports, golf and seafood. Sanya has all for your relaxing holiday.
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Three Main Bays of Sanya: click any link for detailed information on each bay.
Yalong Bay Introduction Yalong Bay National Resort is Sanya's premier destination providing visitors with an irresistible combination of a world-class beach, matchless hotel services and superb golf facilities. Situated about 25 km east of Sanya City, Yalong Bay has a crescent-shaped beach about 7 km long. The underwater visibility along Yalong Bay can reach up to 10m. Those who prefer swimming in the sea to lounging by the pool will find the perfect place here.
Dadonghai Bay Introduction Is a very nice beach with soft white sand and lovely blue turquoise water gently rolling on to the sand, there is no surf, which makes a very safe option for most tourists. It is the most popular tourist area in Sanya. Compared with other two bays, Sanya Bay and Yalong Bay, this bay is most active, dynamic and welcomed by tourists as the beach is public not private owned by the nearby hotels or resorts. Everyone can go to the beach and enjoy swimming.
Sanya Bay Introduction Is a relatively undiscovered premier tropical destination. It enjoys the longest beach in Sanya. It has an easy access to Sanya International Airport, away from the flight path, this superb location offers all possible creature comforts, you can find the world-class luxury of the Palm Beach Resort & Spa, Holiday Inn Sanya Bay and Tianfuyuan Resort, which will serve to please the most discerning visitors.


Yalong Bay: Yalong Bay No.5 Villa  Golden Palm Resort   Holiday Inn  Tian Hong Resort  Universal Resort  Hilton Resort   Marriott Resort  Cactus Resort   Crowne Plaza Resort   Horizon Resort   Mangrove Tree Resort  Sheraton Resort
Dadonghai Bay: Resort Intime  Landscape Beach Resort  Shan Hai Tian Resort  South China Resort  Pearl River Garden Hotel   Linda Seaview Hotel  Guest House International Hotel  Rendezvous Hotel
Sanya Bay: Holiday Inn  Kempinski Resort   Hai hang Resort  Tianfuyuan Resort   Golden Phoenix Hotel  Palm Beach Resort  Tianze Beach Resort
Downtown Sanya: Eadry Resort   Guoxi hotel
Budget Hotels: Nanfeng Seaside Guest House   Weilan Leisure Holiday Apartment  Tianlai Guest House   Blue Sea Guest House  Venus Villa  Ocean Family Guest House
Other: Kangle Garden Hotel  Paradise Resort  Sun City Hotel  Nanshan Hotel  Xinyuan Hot Spring Hotel  Golden Coast Lawton Hotel  Meritus Mandarin Haikou  Crown Spa Resort

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