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Sandalwood Resort

Hainan Province, Rooms in Lake

China largest coastal ecological resort hotels-perfume Bay resort hotel


Perfume Bay resort hotel by the United States is the natural environment planning and design company, IDG Group Hawaii in the United States in accordance with international resort concept design and planning, owned by the Hainan Tourism Development Company Limited invest in the construction of holiday leisure, tourism, conferences, catering, Entertainment and is one of the resort hotels, is located on Hainan Island.

Perfume Bay-oriented blue is magnificent, the sea, hills undulating back, Feng Pinnacle the mountains and ocean with a soft existence between Liaoning Court of Golden Sands, the beach at the foot of a side mounted area of about 60,000 square meters of a natural turquoise lake, perfume Bay resort hotel sits on the lake on this piece. What is even more surprising thing is that during the “annual” flower March and September the lake naturally distributes a delicate fragrance, and is sustained throughout this period. According to local legend: "Castle Peak Hotel on the back of growth is a perennial rarely seen, rare trees - sandalwood, Qingxiang meeting Springs sailing downstream along the lake created perfume, legends bathed in the seven fairies" and therefore perfume Bay The name.

Rooms Types Rack Rate Our Offer
Standard Sea View Room RMB1180 RMB600
Grand Sea-View Standard Room RMB1280 RMB700
Superior-Golf-View Standard Room RMB1480 RMB900
Superior Sea-View Standard Room RMB1580 RMB1000
Honey Moon Suite RMB1680 RMB1150
Deluxe Mountain-View Suite RMB3280 RMB2500
Deluxe Sea-View Suite RMB3680 RMB2800

Remarks: Our best offers include buffet breakfast for max 2 people, service charge and government tax. We can arrange airport round trip transfers in Sanya upon requests. All room rates quoted above are for normal days exclusive of major holidays (Labor Day, National Day, Chinese Spring Festival and Western Christmas). For room reservation, please email us at

Deluxe Sea View double room

Deluxe Sea View Suite

Golf View double room

Grand Sea-View Standard Room

Honey Moon Suite

Honey Moon Suite

Hotel scenic spot

Hotel scenic spot


Golf Course
Hotel mini-golf driving range, the environment comfortable, specially designed for the success of your business contacts and experience in the leisure entertainment fun of golf.
International standardization of design, providing rackets, the ball clothing rental, and another caddy services, coaches, let you and your friends and relatives full generals character.
Provide first-class hotel gym fitness equipment, facilities green. There are high-end shower facilities for use after your fitness
Sauna Center
hydrotherapy pool, men and women guests independent saunas, steam rooms, juniper wood oven
Swimming Pool
According to the sea at the hotel pool of about 50 meters, the greatest width of 38 meters long, in-depth 1.6 m, things set up six water on both sides of massage, water purification achieved national standards
Bonfire event
Beach Hotel fronting the sea, according to pool back in this popular gathering place, with your beautiful mood, high enthusiasm, Li Miao customs diffuse in the atmosphere of the bonfire under Galloping
Beautiful place perfume Lake, lake cruise, accompanied breeze spirit of hearty, soul happy, like magic back to the magical realm.
Leave the hubbub of the city, pedal bicycles, breathe fresh air, feel the most primitive natural given the strength of humanity

Choice of perfume Bay resort hotels on the advantages:
1. Venice architectural style and is the only boat-hotel;
2. Songs on the beach, let the sea listen for the loved people "love you a thousand years"
3. Privacy can be held on the beach even with a million people at the hotel;
4. Allows you to see the Eastern sun, tranquil rain, and the beautiful scene west of the hotel;
5. Ride a mountain bike you can go to free spots at the hotel (Betel Nut Garden)

 Sandalwood Resort, beach front resort, for your relaxing holiday, sunshine, beach, breeze and oxygen

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