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Luhuitou State Guesthouse & Resort

Five Star Hotel in Dadonghai Bay
Open in 2009 ★★★★★

At the foot of the Deer Park Hill and by the sea is a time-honored Luhuitou State Guesthouse & Resort. When wild cactus grew all over the beach of Yalong Bay, when Dadonghai and Sanya Bay were just small fishing villages and when no hotel could be found in the whole Sanya, Yezhuang Guesthouse was the only place where Chinese state leaders stayed when they visited Sanya.

In 2009, Luhuitou State Guesthouse & Resort was reconstructed on the site of Yezhuang Guesthouse by the investment of Hainan Development Holding Co., Ltd. and let the old historic site has fundamentally changed. Today, Luhuitou blocks off Luhuitou State Guesthouse & Resort away from the noisy urban area and embraces Luhuitou State Guesthouse & Resort with the further green. This is a tranquil cool, a serene bay with a Bougainvillea, Daner flowers bloom Kapok place.

Luhuitou State Guesthouse & Resort has 260 guestrooms (9 Floor) including 13 villas. The villas are four president villas and nine minister villas.The business resort has more than 180 deluxe guestrooms.

Room Type Rack Rate RMB


10.8-03.31 Remarks
Superior Garden Room 2199 580 680 32 rooms, 45sqm, spacious balcony
Deluxe Garden View 2699 650 780 64 rooms, 45sqm, spacious balcony
Deluxe Ocean View 2999 750 880 74 rooms,45sqm,spacial balcony,mountain & ocean view
Deluxe Ocean View Suite 3999 1650 1880 10 rooms, 90sqm, spacial balcony
Zhuya Villa 6999 -- 4999 15 villas, Yard, private swimming pool, bathtub,sauna,saloon,kitchen,massage pool,meeting room, snooker
Legeng Villa 6999 -- 4999 14 villas, Yard,private swimming pool, gym, chess room,sauna, saloon, dinning room, kitchen, massage pool, kiosque,meeting room, snooker
XieXiang Villa 6999 -- 4999

14 villas, Yard,private swimming pool, gym, chess room,sauna, saloon, dinning room, kitchen, massage pool, kiosque,meeting room, snooker.

Ocean View Presidential Villa 129999 -- 9999 27 villas,Yard, private swimming pool, bathtub,SPA,gym,sauna,saloon,dinning room,kitchen,massage pool,kiosque,meeting room, snooker

The hotel has lobby bar, Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant, KTV boxes, multifunction banquet hall, small meeting room, SPA, swimming pool, tea house and other comprehensive supporting facilities. On the 150m long coastline of the hotel, there is a 500m long trestle stretching directly into the sea as well as a landscape platform where you can enjoy the fantastic sea, mountain and garden view.

In the luxurious and comfortable sea-view guestroom, you can experience the tropical passion of a seaside city, look up at Luhuitou Ridge encircled by green mountains and blue waters and enjoy the pleasance endowed by mountains and sea.

KTV box
Outdoor swimming pool
Cable / satellite TV
Electronic door lock
Seaview Trestle
Private bathroom
Tennis court

Address: No.6, Luhuitou Bay, City, Hainan Island, China PRC
Address in Chinese: 中国海南省三亚市鹿岭路6号
Hotel Tel: 86-898-8866 8866
Hotel Fax:86-898-8866 8877
Direction: 30 km to Phoenix Int'l Airport, 25 km to Railway Station: 3km to city Center

Room Reservation Number: 86-898-38281779 or 86-13617519978 or 13876566128
Room Reservation Email:

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