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Global Sanya, Hainan Island Offers You Luxury Beach Hotel, Seaside Hotel, Beach Resort,
Guesthouse, Budget Hotel and Apartments, Vacation Accommodation Rentals

Yalong Bay has the No. 1 National Resort in China with world-class resorts, crystal sandy beach, cerulean sky, clear water, bright sunshine and extraordinary environment, irresistible attraction for you and for all.
Aegean Conifer Resort SanyaHOT ★★★★★ RMB 850
Pullman Sanya ResortHOT ★★★★★ RMB 1070
Grand MetroPark Resort SanyaHOT ★★★★★ RMB 890
Ritz Carlton SanyaHOT ★★★★★ RMB 1888
Cactus_Resort HOT ★★★★ RMB 628
Crowne_Plaza HOT ★★★★★ RMB650
Golden_Palm_ResortHOT ★★★★ RMB 650
Hilton_ResortHOT ★★★★★ RMB 1580
Holiday_Inn_Resort_Yalong_BayHOT ★★★★ RMB 900
Horizon_ResortHOT ★★★★★ RMB 860
Huandao_Beach_Hotel HOT ★★★ RMB 390
Mangrove_Tree_Resort HOT ★★★★★ RMB 1268
Marriott_ResortHOT ★★★★★ RMB 1230
Sheraton_Resort HOT ★★★★★ RMB 1618
Tian_Hong_ResortHOT ★★★★★ RMB 560
Universal_Resort HOT ★★★★★ RMB 500
Yalong_Bay_Villa & SpaHOT ★★★★★ RMB 800
Dadonghai Bay boasts a breathtaking sea view, 5 minutes to Sanya City Centre with plentiful things to offer: international restaurants, authentic Hainan Cuisine, bars, shopping mall, exciting water sports and colorful night life.
Sanya Pearl Sea-view Hotel HOT ★★★★ RMB 398
Mandarin Oriental Sanya HOT ★★★★★ RMB 2645
Banyan Tree SanyaHOT ★★★★★ RMB 2800
Huipudeng Beach Condo HOT ★★★★ RMB 380
Sanya City Link Hotel HOT ★★★★ RMB 258
Sanya Herton Seaview Hotel HOT ★★★★ RMB 558
Romantic Seaview Hotel SanyaHOT ★★★★ RMB 408
Sanya_Royal_Garden_ResortHOT ★★★★ RMB 220
Guest_House_International_SanyaHOT ★★★★ RMB 398
Landscape_BeachHOT ★★★★ RMB 480
Linda_Sea_View_Hotel HOT ★★★★ RMB 460
Pearl_River_Garden_Hotel HOT ★★★★ RMB 460
Resort_IntimeHOT ★★★★★ RMB 478
Rendezvous_Baohong_Hotel HOT ★★★★ RMB 398
Shan_Hai_Tian_Hotel HOT ★★★★★ RMB 420
HuipuDeng Beach Condo ★★★ RMB 380
Hyton Hotel HOT ★★★★ RMB 368
South_China_Hotel HOT ★★★★ RMB 550
Sanya Bay features 17 kilometers Coconut Dream Corridor, the ideal place for romantic holiday and party gathering, 10 minutes to Sanya Phoenix International Airport, some hotels can provide you with hot spring therapy.
Sanya Huayuan Resort HOT ★★★★ RMB 368
Days Hotel & Suites HOT ★★★★★ RMB 558
Sanya David Legend Resort HOT ★★★★ RMB 558
Sanya Grand Soluxe Hotel & Resort HOT ★★★★★ RMB 478
Howard Johnson Resort HOT ★★★★★ RMB 478
Viable HotSpring SeaView Village Hotel HOT ★★★★ RMB 298
Beautiful Spring Spa Resort HOT ★★★★ RMB 430
Golden_Phoenix_Sea_View_Hotel HOT ★★★★ RMB 378
Holiday_Inn_Resort_Sanya BayHOT ★★★★ RMB 650
International_Asia/Pacific_Conv. CenterHOT ★★★★★ RMB 450
Kempinski  HOT ★★★★★ RMB 1080
Palm_Beach_Resort&SpaHOT ★★★★★ RMB 480
Seaya_hotel HOT ★★★ RMB 450
Tianfuyuan_Resort_SanyaHOT ★★★★★ RMB 380
Yuhai Int'l Resort Apartment & SPA HOT ★★★★ RMB 320
St.Ives Seaview International Hotel HOT ★★★★★ RMB 538
Tianze_Beach_ResortHOT ★★★★ RMB 450
Downtown�Sanya�is a place for local life, the busiest shopping street on No. 1 Jiefang road, where you can find the cheapest but best souvenir for your beloved, to see the smiling and happy faces of friendly Hainan people and more
Harvest Qilin HotelHOT ★★★★ RMB 248
Harvest Seaview Hotel HOT ★★★★ RMB 280
Eadry_ResortHOT ★★★★★ RMB 480
Guoxi_Hotel HOT ★★★★ RMB 280
Budget Hotels�offers you clean and nice rooms; all recommended budget hotels are in Dadonghai with very convenient geographic location, some of them have panorama sea view rooms available, why not spend less money to get the same memorable experience.
Budget boutique House Fenix24HOT ★★★ RMB 450
Haiyu Hotel and Zhongyi Hotel HOT ★★ RMB 180
Blue_Sea_Guest_HouseHOT ★★★ RMB 270
Nanfeng_Seaside_Resort_SanyaHOT ★★★ RMB 150 
Ocean_FamilyHOT ★★★ RMB 450 
Yuhai_Int'l_ResortHOT ★★★★★ RMB 320
Tianlai_GuesthouseHOT ★★ RMB 138 
Venus_GardenHOT ★★★ RMB 250 
Blue Sky Apartment HOT RMB 240
Weilan_Leisure_Holiday_ApartmentHOT ★★★ RMB 280 
Others Hainan Island, the southernmost place of China is a charming magnet for tourists around the world with its beautiful weather, clean air, beach, sand, resorts, water sports, golf, seafood and numerous attractions. The life style here is leisure and pleasant, come to get away from the hustle and bustle of big city life. How joyful it will be!
★★★★ RMB 378
HNA Beach & Spa ResortHOT ★★★★★ RMB500
West Coast Spa Resort Hotel HOT ★★★★★ RMB380
★★★★ RMB 300
★★★★★ RMB 330
★★★★ RMB 358
★★★★★ RMB 458
★★★★★ RMB 500
★★★★ RMB 258
★★★★★ RMB 588
★★★★★ RMB 588
★★★★ RMB 330
★★★★★ RMB 590
★★★★★ RMB 1200
★★★★★ RMB 1880
Meishi Mayflower International Golf HotelHOT ★★★★ RMB 480
Xinyuan_Hot_Spring_Hotel HOT ★★★★ RMB 300
Sun_City_Hotel HOT ★★★★ RMB 280
NARADA Resort&Spa Qixian MountHOT ★★★★★ RMB 590
Nanshan_Hotel HOT ★★★★★ RMB 750
Meritus_Mandarin_HaikouHOT ★★★★★ RMB 415
Kangle_Garden_HNA_ResortHOT ★★★★ RMB 420
Golden_Coast_Lawton_Hotel HOT ★★★★★ RMB 330
Crown_Spa_Resort_HainanHOT ★★★★★ RMB 405
Sofitel Hotel Boao HOT ★★★★★ RMB 760
Wuzhizhou Island Hotel HOT ★★★★★ RMB 600
Boao Golden_Coast_ Hot_Spring_Hotel HOT ★★★★★ RMB 570
Baoting Litchi Garden VillaHOT ★★★★ RMB 298
Dongguan Huihua International Hotel HOT ★★★★★ RMB 500
Guangzhou White Swan Hotel HOT ★★★★★ RMB 850
★★★★ RMB 600
★★★★ RMB 550
★★★★★ RMB 750

All the rooms of the above listed hotels booked through us include following service and items:

  Free Government Tax (normally are charged RMB11/night/room or per person for 5 star hotels, RMB9 for 4 star hotels and RMB6 for 3 star hotels according to local government policy.)

  service charge included, free buffet breakfast (either Chinese or Western style) in 5 star and 4 star hotels.

  All room rates are subject to change high during Labor Day, National Day and Spring Festival Period.
  Rate is quoted in terms of Chinese RMB. Other foreign currency may subject to change due to the exchange rate.
  Payment by cash is preferred, any applicable surcharge will be confirmed at time of booking
  The credit card you provided is for guarantee only. No payment will be processed. If you have not reached the hotel on the due day, the penalty will be carried out according to the agreement in Confirmation Letter.
  The above room rate of this hotel is just for consideration ONLY. The Real-time rate during your arrival date will be confirmed in Reservation Confirmation Letter.

  Our special offers subject to weekends supplements various at different hotels.
Please note that the hotels also offer their online room rate, but not include buffet breakfast, local tax or service fee.

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