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Fat Lady Seafood Restaurant 肥婆餐厅 The Fat Lady Seafood Restaurant
Specialties: Seafood
Expense: RMB 80 - 100 /person
Add: Shengli Road. 胜利路(三 亚市内鸿港农贸市场左斜对面)
Tel: 0898-66601666
Recommendation: one of the best places in Sanya for fresh seafood. The owner is a fat lady. It is said she owns 8 fishing boat, some for rental, others for own usage. The appearance of the shop is just so-so, but the owner is rich and good at managing business. Her son is studying in UK. Although the decor of the restaurants is simple and somewhat a little bit ugly, but the food rather delicious, as a saying goes: you can's judge a book by it's cover. Here you can find various kind of seafood, fresh prawn, fat crab,big abalone, rock fish, apple snail and so on. It usually costs RMB80-100/person, with introduction of local people will be cheaper.

Brother Lin Seafood Hot Pot 林老二鱼排
sanya restaurant,Brother Lin Seafood Hot PotHong Port Floating Restaurant
Expense: RMB 50 /person
Specialties: On Board Seafood
Add: Hongsha Port 红沙码头林老二鱼排
Tel: 13178963625 / 13136033287
Recommendation: advanced call to make a reservation. Brother Lin will wait for you at the port. As it is not very convenient
to get there, so talk with owner of restaurant to arrange your return trip with taxi driver. If you stay at Dadonghai bay,
then this restaurant is a good place to try the fresh seafood with reasonable price under the guide of local people.

Wan Jun Long 万君隆
Wan Jun Long, sanya restaurantSpecialties: Seafood Rice Soup
Expense: RMB 25-40 /person
Add: Intersection of ShangYe Street and Shenli Road 商业街与胜利路交汇处
Tel: 0898-88265889
Recommendation: An ideal place for a light, healthy, and delicious seafood, rice and soup

Windmill Café   .风车水岸庭园餐厅
sanya restaurant, Windmill Café Specialties: Western food
Expense: RMB 30-50 /person
Add: Beside the Tianze Resort Hotel on Sanya Bay Road 三亚湾路天泽海韵酒店旁
Tel: 0898-88250177
Recommendation: Enjoy dinner while watching the sun set at the bay, good coffee, free wireless Internet connection.

Binghai Seafood Hotpot 滨海一品锅
sanya reataurant, Binghai Seafood Hotpot Specialty: Seafood Hot Pot
Expense: RMB 30–50 /person
Sanya Bay Road 滨海一品锅海鲜店 (三亚湾路)
Tel: 0898-88270551

Versailles Garden Restaurant  凡尔赛复合式庭园餐厅
Versailles Garden Restaurant, sanya restaurantSpecialty: Western style and Taiwanese style cuisine.
Expense: RMB 30-80 /person
Add: Sanya River Road 三亚西河西路南国骏园副楼一至三层
Tel: 0898-38888881
Recommendation: Uniquely decorated garden style restaurant, serves Chinese and international food with strong flavor.
Dadonghai Area

Dongjiao Yelin Seafood Restauran
tAdd: Yuya Avenue, Sanya City (opposite to City Hotel, Dadonghai)
Business Hours: 11:00---14:30 17:00-22:00
Tel: 0898 88210999, 88213338

Roma Italian Restaurant
This romantic rooftop restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy fine Italian food. Roma's also features a separate bar for drinks and a private area to enjoy dinner in surrounds similar to something right out of the Roman Empire. You will feel like Caesar himself at Rome
.Add: Haiyun Lu, Dadong Hai
Business: 12:00---24:30
Tel: +86 898 88677871

Dolphin Sports Bar & Grilll
Dophin Sports Bar supply American dishes and all manner of exotic dishes, such as appetizer, soup and salad U.S steaks ribs, U.S Barbecue. Sandwiches and Hamburger, Spaghetti and Pizza…….
Add: 99 Yuya Lu, Dadonghai (Across from the City Hotel.)
Business Hours: from 11:00am
Tel: +86 898 88215700

Wooden House Russian Restaurant
Add: Yuya Dadao, Dadonghai, Sanya City
Business Hours: 11:00—23:00

HanJiangTing Korean Cuisine
Add: 3/F, Block B, Shanhaitian Hotel, Dadonghai, Sanya
Business Hours: Noon: 11:30—14:00 Afternoon: 17:30—21:00

Sea-based Homestead
Add: Opposite to the Olympic shooting Center, Hongsha port, Sanya City
Business Hours: 11:00-22:00

Yintai hotel BBQ Buffet dinner
Feature: a suitable place for couples and family leisure, outdoor table with abundant performance.
Address: 88 Haihua road, yintai hotel.

Dadonghai Seafood and Snack Plaza.
Feature: an open atmosphere, with live band music performance, a good place for friends and leisure.
Address: Dadonghai square

Ai Wanting
food:the best service with reasonable price, it is famous for the Hunan cuisine here
Add: Linda sea view hotel 2F.

Coffee world
feature:very good coffee restaurant famous for pizza and cheese, it’s close to the Dadonghai seaside.
Address: Dadonghai resort, Yintai hotel 1F.

Dongbei Ren
food:dumplings,other Dongbei style food,
Address: Xiayangtian community near the CDF.

Sanya City area
Amando BBQBrazilian Feature
A foreign owned, all-you-can-eat style, top-quality restaurant featuring friendly waiters which offers customers table-side portions of various meats cut right off the skewer from large chunks. Also included is a buffet featuring, salads, soups and Asians favorites. A must-visit for anyone is looking for a good meal with great taste and a great price. It is also very clean and bright.
Add: Hexi lu, Sanya City
Business Hours: 11:00—22:30Tel: +86 898 38258881

Chunyuan Seafood Square
Add: Chunyuan Road, Sanya City (500meters to the north of City Park)
Business Hours: 16:00-24:00
Tel: 0898 8818-1102

Panglong Seafood stall
Add: 14Jiangang Lu, Sanya
Business Hours: 11:00---24:00
Tel: 0898 88880833 / 88268588

Coffee Diary
Add: shopping street, Sanya City
Business Hours: 10:30---1:30
Tel: +86 898 88676767

Gaolicun Korean Restaurant|
Add: Kinghuihuang Building, Xihexi Lu, Sanya City
TEL: +86 898 88277770

Sanya Bay
ShiWeiGuan Restaurant
Add: Building B, No. 20, Sanya Bay Road,
Tel: 0898-8883556688252550

Casa Mia Italian Restaurant
Add: No. 88, Sanya Bay Road, Sanya
Tel: 0898-88889828

German DishKempinski Sanya Resort & Spa
Add: Sanya Bay, Sanya City

Coffee Time
Coffee Time Sanya Bay, you will find all kinds of Western Food, and pure coffee, it has various collection of Western food at very reasonable price.
Add: Next to Longhigh garden, Sanya bay Lu
Business Hours: 10:30—2:00am
Tel:+86 898 88298848

Windmill Coast
Add: Next to Tianze Haiyun Hotel, Sanya Bay Lu
Business Hours: 10:00—22:00

Yalong bay
1. Hainan officer dishes
Features: the restaurant is decorated with typical southeast Asia style, you will have a nice bird view of the lake when you in the building, the restaurant serves hainan famous duck in a very special way, the meat of the duck is crisp and lousy delicious, with considerate the service here added with the breath taking scenery around, it is a good place for leisure.
Average consumer: 170 RMB per person
Address: no. 5 on yalong bay national holiday resort villa hotel.

2. Mangrove hotel Thai restaurant
Features: very popular restaurant, snack and surrounding environment are leading role in local, "southeast Asia" style decorate with attractive color, good sea view through the lobby, it’s famous for local flavor snacks, wroth trying.
Per capita consumption: 257 yuan
Address: within the yalong bay national holiday resort mangrove resort hotel.

3. The boat house
Features: mango, screw, seafood Fried rice, beans, four corners chicken legs screw. The Seafood is here perfect at a reasonable price.
Per capita consumption: 230 yuan
Address: horizon resort yalong bay

Feature: local special dishes, coffee. Japanese
Address:1F, yalong bay Hilton resort



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