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           We are three people going to hainan this summer, the time is not finalized, July or August, which month is better? We will take flight from Guangzhou to Sanya. I heard that Guangzhou Airport is very big, is not it? And stay for three nights before depart for Sanya, could you recommend some hotels in Guangzhou to us? 
 Reply:  Dear, Shelie, thank you for you message. July or August both are ok. Guangzhou is the biggest and busiest airport in China. For the hotels boking, we will send you an email to detail it as we got your email address. The email is on the way, please check it. ------Sunny 

           My family would be arriving on the 26th of June 2007 in Sanya. I am planing to take them on one of tour packages you put on your site. I would greatly appreciate it if you could work out a nice tour for us. We would love to see the historical or cultural site, please organize the trips for us. I have sent your an E-mail through, please check it. Best wishes... 
 Reply:  Dear Abelard, thank you for you E-mail. I will work out an ideal proposal for your family according to your requirements in the e-mail. There are so many historical site to be seen in Hainan with significant cultural bearings. The first place come to my mind is Minority Museum in Five Finger Mt. I will detail it, plaese find it in my email. Best wishes  ------Sunny

           Hi, I found your internet site during my research, about the island after my girlfriend said she wanted to go. I am ontario canada. we would like to come to the island when we come to China. I was thinking we can spend a week there, I am not sure. I do not know the island. My name is Dragun Zavitz, my girlfriend is Dongling. We want to beach side hotel pls put together something for us and send it to my email, looking forward to hearing from you. 
 Reply:  Dear Drangun, thank you for your enquiry on Sanya holiday. I will write you an email. I got your meaning through MSN chatting, will put all your requirements together, and looking forward to hearing from you soon --------Sunny

 Coral Wei:
           We plan to visit Sanya Hainan between Jun.25th and 3 July. 4th. We are 2 adults and 1 kids. Can you recommend a cheap and nice place to stay? 
 Reply:  There are a lot of budget hoels in Dadonghai Bay, Sanya. The room rates are low, furthermore Dadonghai is good place for swimming and otheir water sports. We would love to recommend the Blue Sea Guesthouse as it is nice, cheap and clean, being 3 min to the beach. For the info you can log on our featured site, or E-mail to us, we will be glad to provide you with more useful information.  --------Sunny

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