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 Mr Lee:
           Hi Sunny, I am interested in renting a car for 4 days next month. Do you have suggestions? Thank you. --Mr Lee 
 Reply:  Dear MrLee,
Thank you very much for you massage,we have car rental with 5 seats at RMB200/day, 5 seats car in better condition at RMB300/day and Buick at RMB400/day, the deposit of car is RMB3000. The RMB2000 out of deposit will be return when your return the car, and the RMB1000 will be return to your account after one month to see if there is any traffic fine such as run throught the red light or over speed. If no any fine tickets, the remained RMB1000 will be deposit into your account.  

           Dear Sophie & Kate I am writing because I wanted to know if someone will pick me up on Tuesday at the hotel to take me to the airport? 
 Reply:  Dear Rob,
thank you for your question. We could arrange a private car to meet you at the hotel and take you to the airport anytime you prefered. If you need our assistance. do not hesitate to call or write us. we're pleased to serve you.

           Sophie, Can you please give us some idea as to how much the taxi would cost from Crown Spa Hotel, Qionhsgan Ave, Haikou, to Westcoast Golf course, and to Meishi May Flower golf course two-way? We arrive in Haikou first: so we pay you when we arrive in Sanya the second week? I understand we guarantee the booking now with credit card, but you will not charge until we get to Sanya? 
 Reply:  Dear  Samuel,
The two golf courses you mentioned is close together, about several kilometers from each other. The distance between Crown Spa Hotel and golf courses is about 40 kilometers. Taking a taxi to one of the golf course, it will cost you about RMB 50 to RMB 60.  
As far as the charge, we're like to inform you that you could pay us upon your arrival in Sanya. And Our company will not charge you until you get to Sanya,you guarantee your booking with credit card, we will send the final confirmaiton letter upon your finalize your trip with all the details.

 Samuel Lee:
           Sophie, the question. 1) we are at Crown Spa resort, 1 Qionhsgan Ave., Haikou. have you incldued transfer from our hotel to and from Meishi and Westcoast on 4 days? 2) we are at Yalong Bay hotel, so I understand transfer to Yalong Bay and Sun Valley courses are free and you can arrange with golf courses for us? . But what about transfer to Luhuitou: how much is it? 3) The car you are providing from Haikou to and from Sanya: will it accommodate 2 people, 2 sets of luggage and 2 sets of golf clubs? 4) What form of payment do you require? 
 Reply:  Dear Samuel,
Thank you very much for you pay attention with us, the answer as following:
1) Answer: We're sorry to inform you that the transfer is not included in service.  we can arrange it for you.  transportation by 5 seat car at RMB350/day, by van at RMB580/day. you also can take taxi. 
2) Answer:  For the guests who staying in Yalong Bay area, arrange free transfer between hotel and Yalong Bay Golf Course, free sending off from Sun Valley to the hotel,  As for the ftransfer to Luhuitou, by 5 seat Buick car at RMB100/way.  
3) Answer: Since we're not clear about the size of your luggages and golf clubs, we'd love to offer two different size of cars: 
option1: 5 seat car at RMB 450/way
option2: 7-9 seat van at RMB 850/way
4) Method 1: please pay 100% of the total upon your arrival in Sanya by cash or credit card (if by credit card, subject to 3% of handling fee), and guarantee your booking by your credit card.
Method 2: Please make the 30% of prepayment by bank transfer and pay the balance upon your arrival in Sanya by Cash.

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