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Hainan White Stone Hot Spring Golf Course
Baishiling Golf Course

Hainan White Stone Hot Spring Golf Club (Baishiling)is located at Qionghai City, next to the famous Baishiling Scenic Spot, near the East Highway, adjacent to the Guantang Hot Spring Resort. The 18 holes (72par) golf course is elaborately designed by the chief designer Bryan Corey from famous Schmidt-Curley Design Company.  It is also participated by the famous American designer Mr. Rober D. Eaton. With the beautiful landscape as the background, the golf courses is possessed the best resources here the island has to offer, the green coconut palms, the lush vegetation, the blue sky, the clear water and fresh area. It is the paradise place for longevity life.
The golf club is equipped with the top leave hardware facilities, and will managed by the golf staff, it is leading the world as top quality golf course. It is the must-try place for all golf lovers.

Our best offer for high season at RMB880/person, and RMB780/person for low season, including green fee, caddie fee, cart tee/two person sharing, insurance and service charge.s


Hole 1-Par4
A simple left to right, medium length par 4 opens the round at White Stone Mountain golf course. After carrying the first of many creeks to a wide fairway, players will likely be holding a mid to long iron in hand for their second into a slightly contoured green which is receptive and conducive to opening pars, getting golfers off on the right foot.

Within close proximity to the first green lies the second tees which provide players with an “all out in front of you” view of the second. The drive has to negate bunkers flanking either side of the fairway. Which many times will determine strategy on the second shot. Well struck drives leave the option to go for it in two, while players hitting from the fairway bunkers bring the greenside bunkers or the large low back left of the green much more into play and make for a tricky up and down.

One of the more difficult holes on the course rears its head at the third. A “bite off as much as you can chew” situation presents itself off the tee with a large bunker guarding the inside of a sharp dogleg. The longer the drive, the shorter the approach (or vice versa) into the soft, medium sized green surrounded by tightly mown collection areas.

Finding the fairway is critical on this short Par 4 in order to maximize the chances of walking away with a birdie. There fore, 3 wood or hybrid should be considered off the tee, still leaving you a short iron in the green. Once on the putting surface, it is important to find the correct area near the pin to minimize the amount of contours that mush be dealt with..

Hole 5-Par3
The first par 3 of the round plays to a stunning backdrop White Stone Mountain where players will want to work the ball from left to right utilizing the existing contours. Anything not at the correct distance will likely leave it in the bunkers flanking the right side or at an uneven lie around the green.

The second Par 5 of the round will play as such for almost everyone. A straight, well hot drive should stay out of trouble, setting up a lay-up second over the natural creek. With the remainder of golf hole hugging the steep drop-off to the lake, anything left out to that side is surely death. The green is well bunkered with a devilish small pot in front that most all shots will have to carry.

The first of many holes with water alongside the entire hole, this Par 4 is not very conducive to slices. If one finds the fairway off the tee, then the second shot leaves a short iron into the green where the easiest pins are at the front. A large bunker wraps around the entire right side making all holes cut into the back portion of the green that much more difficult.

A daunting Par 3 playing to a green that is nestled in from left to right sitting directly adjacent to the water, the winds are sure to play a daunt crucial role in not only club selection, but ball flights as well. Walking away with par or better on this testy hole is a definite accomplishment.

Heading back towards the Clubhouse that appears to sit as the base of the mountain, the ninth plays to a narrow landing area adjacent to a large sandy waste that transitions seamlessly into the waters below. From here, one must carry the small inlet to the heavily undulating green where there is plenty of bail out room left that is sure to see its share of balls as players steer clear of the bunkers and water hazards.

A double dogleg Par 5 opens the back nine where ball placement is key to making a quality score. The fairly straightforward drive mush first avoid the large bunker complex left. Second shot options then include laying up to an open fairway that tightens as it nears the green or trying to reach the small fairway tongue tempting players to “go for the gusto”. Whichever option is chosen, a stream and marshland guards the right side collection mishit shots

Three wood is the best play off the tee at eh short par 4 eleventh in order to get the ball in prime position in the fairway to go for the pin. The multi-tiered green is well guarded by fairway undulations as well as bunkers with the deep pot bunker in front creating the most difficult sand save.

Don\t be fooled by the short distance at the Par 4 twelfths where the drive plays to an extremely tight landing area protected on both sides by large bunker complexes. Players finding any of the many bunkers off the tee will be in full recovery mode trying to salvage par while those in the fairway will be starring down the pin with s short wedge in hand.

Playing slightly downhill the entire thirteenth plays alongside a cascade of ponds, streams, and waterfalls, that although beautiful, do come into play. After splitting the offset fairway bunkers, one must choose of the cross bunkers at eh second handing area. The low side presents the easier second shot but if one successfully hits the high side3 fairway, then they will be rewarded with a much easier approach into the green.

A ling par 3 where the water is certainly in play presents itself at the fourteenth. A right to left ball flight is ideal into this green as the ridge coming off the hill is receptive to well played shots. Those left short are denied by the strong false front and those held too far out to the right are deflected into a large low and are forced to play back over the ridge.

The drive off the fifteenth tee determines just how tough a hole this cane can be. The ideal drive carries as much water as possible and hugs the left side of the fairway heaving a small sight line of the entire green. Drivers on the right side of the fairway are left with a blind second that must play over a large mound of landscape and bunkers. Although one is more difficult than the other, both routes play to a subtle green that is often difficult to read.

The short Par 3 sixteenth plays to a peninsula green that is practically on the water’s edge. Club selection is key to this one shotter as those that find the putting surface initially will likely have a birdie opportunity on the back to front sloping green. Those that don’t, however, bring big numbers into play as they try to recover.

The seventeenth is the epitome of risk-reward holes with the short, drivable Par 4 over water. Those not feeling confident in the driver will want to lay-up in the fairway right and try their hand at making birdie with a short iron for their second. Those willing to “go big or go home “ will try to drive the green where a well struck shot could be the difference in your round while a poorly hit ball unfortunately could provide the same difference, albeit it a negative one.

As with so many great closing holes in golf, the eighteenth at White Stone Golf Course is sure to create dramatic finishes aplenty. The entire length of the hole hugs the water, creating intrigue on every shot. Various sized bunkers tighten the fairway at the landing area making the drive the most difficult on the course. A mid-iron second plays to a perched green that falls off in all directions to fairway lows or deep greenside bunkers. Walking off this final green with par requires four, well executed shots and is not done easily.

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