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dar la bienvenida!
dar as boas-vindas!

Your fantasy is not a fantasy at Fantasy Island! Seaworld Dream Works Creation Team has designing a vacation resort on an island where you can stay for days alone, with your love one, or the entire family and your fantasy or dream will come true!

Seaworld Sanya has launched its first world-class service tour package for international visitors! Coming to Sanya for the first time, you shouldn't miss our Discovery (1-day) Tour to assure your service standards are being met; and for those had came to Sanya before and want to have a return visit and like to be served by a mulit-national hospitality team for a hassle-free vacation, please contact Global Sanya!

Seaworld has launched its first fun package “Discovery Tour” at a unbelievable ¥380 (US$55-)/person
come to experience our service and a fun packed memorable day in Sanya, China!

Discovery 1-day Tour Itinerary
group 1 - 9:00am to 4:00pm
group 2 - 10:00am to 5:00pm
(to assure our quality service,we are limited to only 2 groups/day)

Discovery 1-day Tour Itinerary
(group-2 itinerary will be 1-hour after each group-1 scheduled programme.)

our driver will pick you up with a private 6-passenger mnivan your local lodge
take the Marine Life Tour to explore the nature of marine life in Sanya and watch the sea turtles and choose the following free activities
our tour escort will explain about the tour and things you need to know
see the seahorse breed and discover the secret power of seahorse plus
all aboard! a 8-10 passenger luxury speed boat as miles & miles of Sanya's natural coastal line appears
do you know how a pearl is formed? why is it so expensive? Would you like to have one?
passing the "edge of the world" (the most southernly point of China as known as the edge of the world by the emperor)
sexes of the abalone! is this one a male or female? why is it one of the most expensive gourmet on the French menu? or on any menu!
arrived Fisherman's Wharf, the largest floating fish farm & diner platform in Sanya
why not take a look yourself & experience the fish feeding in the sea! maybe catch some shells while you are at it!
a complimentary tropical punch while romancing the oldies but goodies love songs and your fun is only just began...from 10:30am to 4:30pm you can choose... for the thrill seekers, Seaworld Boating Club offers deep sea diving at extra cost, please ask for details

at Fisherman's Wharf you can choose the following free activities

speeding! yes you can, Seaworld Boating Club has speed boat for rent at only RMB300/hr plus fuel. 

1/ a test the waters, water skiing experience plus more...

yummy! yes, we can prepare your catch of the day; you pay only the weight of the fish & we do the cooking for you for free, so you can enjoy your catch of the day!

2/ fishing at the Fisherman's Wharf fish farm for your catch of the day plus...

4:00pm hello is me again! I hope you had a wonderful day, and is time for me to give you a safe ride back... see you again soon!
Note: Please bring your own swimwear, suntan lotion & other personal needs, storage is available for your convenience.
Pay-As-You-Wish… all additional expenses are at Your-Own-Choice for added personal pleasure & fun and there is no pressure spending at Seaworld..
Seaworld Sanya Boating Club has a wide range of fiberglass reinforced plastic boats and yachts; the speed boats are famed by "thier" fine performance, reliability, quality and its modern designs, water sports & sightseeing as well as passenger transport boats.

They're also specialize in imported yachts, gas or diesel fueled engines, special fuels and supplies & parts for all your boating pleasure needs.

Your safety & satisfaction is guaranteed at Seaworld Sanya Boating Club.

Seaworld Sanya China
Tel Number: 86-898-8898-6595
Fax Number: 86-898-8898-6852
Address: Bihai Building, Hedong Rd. Sanya, Hainan Island
City: Sanya, Hainan Island, China
ZIP: 572000

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