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Wuzhishan Mountain

Wuzhishan Mountain is the highest mountain in Hainan, towering 1,867 m above the center of the island. The surrounding areas of Wuzhishan Mountain are inhabited mainly by the Li ethnic group. Its annual average temperature is 22.4 degrees centigrade. In January, its average temperature is 17 degrees centigrade; in July, its average temperature is only 26 degrees centigrade. The area's annual rainfall is 1,690 millimeters.

It is an omnipresent lush tropical rainforest. You can see its unique and abundant flora and fauna. This kind of agreeable climate makes Wuzhishan a unique place for tourists to visit for sightseeing or a holiday.

Wuzhishan as the highest mountain in Hainan Island makes it one of the symbol of Hainan and also one of the famous mountains in China. The peaks are waving like saw-tooth and the shape is like five fingers, this is how the Wuzhi Mountain (Five Fingers Mountain in Chinese) got its name.

The mountains range from southwest to northeast, from thin to thick. The first peak Yizhishan Mountain (1st Finger Mountain) is like a huge pyramid with elevation of 1,300 meters high and the top of the peak is piercing into the sky obliquely.

The Erzhishan Mountain (2nd Finger Mountain) is the highest peak of the Wuzhishan Mountain with elevation of 1,867 meters high. Between the Yizhishan Mountain and Erzhishan Mountain there is a "Sky Bridge" built with a natural huge stone. Since it is surrounded with cloud and mist all the year, it is called the Fairy Bridge with a lot of mythology stories.

The Sanzhi Peak (3rd Finger) was the highest peak originally. Since it was cut by a portion by thunder several years ago, so it became a bit lower than before.
Then are the Fourth Peak and the Fifth Peak. Although these five peaks' tops are standing separately, their mountain bodies are joined together.

Looking at the Wuzhi Mountain from distance, with green forest and loud around, these five green mountains are piercing into the sky like fingers, the scenery is beautiful and changeable.

When you climb up along the mountain roads, you will find the cloud and mist is gushing to you from up to down gradually. This is one of the features of the Wuzhshani Mountain. If you climb to the top of the Wuzhishan Mountain, the cloud and mist is much thicker as if you were in the space. Looking down, you can see the green waves are all under your eyes and water is connected with the sky. These are all too beautiful to be absorbed all at once.

The main rivers and streams in Hainan Island originate from the Wuzhishan Mountain. The scenery of mountains and rivers forms the beautiful landscape. On the mountain there is spacious original forest. The falling leaves are as thick as 50 centimeters. A kind of unique fragrance is full of air, so some biologists and botanists say that the Wuzhishan Mountain is the green treasure hidden many trees for hundreds of years.

Meanwhile the Wuzhishan Mountain is also the kingdom of precious animals and birds, there are various animals such as reptiles, birds and animals. When visitors travel the Wuzhishan Mountain, you will see animals come out to look for food or play with each other now and then.

What to do and to see:
It is the centre of Li and Miao cultures. Li and Miao people, in their long years of history, have created a brilliant culture, which adds much to the diversity of the Hainan culture. On one of the hillsides in the city proper stands the Hainan Li and Miao Cultures Museum, the largest museum on Li and Miao in Hainan. In its suburbs and its adjacent rural areas, there are dozens of Li and Miao villages to visit. There you can buy their embroidery products of exquisite workmanship; there you can taste their homemade wine made of a kind of dry rice and delicious rice contained in bamboo segments cooked in fire; there you can watch their fascinating bamboo pole dance. Immersed in such a strong environment of ethnic culture, you will surely be intoxicated.

Within a radius of 30 to 80 kilometers, there are a dozen of state-level tourist destinations including Baoting Qixianling Spa National Forest Park, Lingshui Nanwan Rhesus Monkey Island, and Ledong Jianfenglin National Forest Park. These tourist attractions are near to Wuzhishan that you can go and come back the same day if you want to. Finding yourself in the variety of natural scenic spots in Hainan, you will completely forget all about the hustles and bustles of the busy world. You will surely feel completely relaxed when you travel in this area.

Information on the City of Wuzhishan
Wǔzhǐshān is a county-level city in the south-central part of Hainan, a province of the People's Republic of China. It was originally called Tōngshí and is located beside Wuzhi Shan, the mountain. The city's total area is 1129 square kilometres, and its population is 115,000 people. Its postal code is 572200, and its district number is 0898.

Local residents have never experienced recurrent cold or hot spells. Throughout the summer, local residents need to use quilts when they sleep at night. Electric fans and air-conditioners are not their daily necessities. The whole area is reputed to be a "huge natural air-conditioner." In addition, the city's mild climate has another pleasant feature -- it is pleasantly moist and pleasantly dry throughout the year.

Even now when people are involved in the huge tide of consumerism, local people value their simple life style and cooperate well with the local government in the protection of its precious natural environment. The mountain city, with its small population and a small number of motor vehicles, and luckily free from polluting factories, is really far from the madding crowd in this increasingly materialistic world and simply one of the few survivor enclaves for tourists who love nature. So if you come to travel to this city, you will surely find that you completely return to nature

The Scenery of Wuzhishan Rainforest:

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