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Your Online Guide to Offbeat Tourist Attractions on Hainan Island

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Half Day Tour:   Full Day Tour
A: Deer Park Tour at RMB150  F: Tropical Botanical Garden & Monkey Island at RMB450
B: Deep Sea Fishing at RMB 150 G: Seven Fairy Mountain Hiking & Hot Spring at RMB400
C: Nantian Hotspring at RMB168  H: The End of the Earth & Marine Zoo at RMB450
D: Sanya City Explore at RMB300 I  : Five Finger Mt. Water Rafting & Li Minority at RMB600
E: Betelnut Garden Minority Village at RMB380 J: Nanshan Cultural Tourists Zone & Nanshan Caves
Minority Village West Island
National Park Rose Valley
Nantian Hotspring Boundary Island
Luxury Yacht Night Cruise
Las Vegas Show Lady-boy Show
Scuba Dives Helicoptor tour

What to do and what to see at night during your stay in Sanya, here check out more for fun, entertainment, enjoyment

Sanya Qianguqing Romance Performance click here
Sanya Ladyboy Show at Guoxi Hotel click here
Sanya Las Vegas International Show click here
Sanya Bay Night Cruise Entertainment click here
Sanya Wax Work Museum click here


1. Monkey Island offers a rare glimpse of the Rhesus Monkey in their natural environment.

2. Tropical Botanical Garden really deserves the name of "tropical plants encyclopedia".

3. Nantian Hot Spring consists of 67 hotspring pools of different sizes and functions.

4. Nanshan Cultural Tourists Zone features a three-sided statue 108m tall solid bronze Guanyin.

5. Seven Fairy Mountain has beautiful scenery with 7 huge stones piercing into the sky.

6. Sanya Tropical Aquarium has more than 400 kinds of different tropical marine life.

7. The Greatest World of Love a nice and great surrounding for humans and animals to live together.

8. Yanoda Rainforest a well-kept natural reserve premitive primitive rainforest in Hainan

9. BingLang River Scenic Spot Zone a comprehensive culture observation center of Li Minority group

10. Nantian Ecological Garden Sanya is a large-scale agriculture and forestry technology tourism center

11. Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park is oriented to be an international first-class forest park

12. Jiajing Island is an uninhabited island, 39 kilometers east of Wanning County.

13. Dazhou Island is a state-level nature reserve located about 5 km off the coast of Wanning, Hainan

14. Yalong Bay National Rose Valley is the biggest park of its kind in Asia, located in Yalong Bay Sanay

15. Five Finger Mountain Water Drifting is a popular activities for young poeple for wonderful experience

16. Coconut Tree Contenient Island is consisted of 17 small and big islets naturally forming by the confluence of the two rivers from Tengqiao Town

17. Nantian Hot Spring Resort offer No. 1 hot spring in Sanya area, enjoy kissing-fish therapy

18. Five Finger Mountain or Wuzhishan Hiking the highest peak of Hainan for your to conquer

19. Xinglong Tropical Garden is a AAAA scenic spot where you can see all kinds of tropical plants

20.Marine Show on Phoenix Island is a AAAA scenic spot where you can see all kinds of tropical plants

21.Italian stunt team Bizzarro perform is a AAAA scenic spot where you can see all kinds of tropical plants

22.Jianfengling Tropical Rainforest is a well-preserved tropical forest in Ledong County Hainan

22. Sanya Wax Work Museum is the first one of its kind in Sanya open to tourists.

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Dadong Bay

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