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Xinglong Tropical Garden


Xinglong Tropical Garden is located in the southeast of Hainan province. Xinglong is the place of choice for many Chinese people to settle when they return to China. The harmonious surroundings, splendid rain-forests, tropical gardens and horticulture parks, spread over 400 hectares are now natural reserves and protected areas. Xinglong Tropical Garden boasts over four thousand species of rare and precious tropical plants, including a dazzling array of colorful, exotic flowers.

Surrounded by flourishing green vistas, clean fresh air, and natural beauty, this is really an enchanting and mystical place. Visitors can experience this unspoiled landscape complete with the fluttering of colorful butterflies, and the chirping songs’ of birds. This will certainly leave you intoxicated by this serene charm and beauty.

Owing to the preservation of numerous tropical trees, flowers, and plants, Xinglong tropical garden helps create the mild climate around this region. As a result of this, and the unique geographical terrain of the area, Xinglong maintains a good balance of biological diversity.

Over the last 20 years, about one million new plants have been grown and more than a thousand species have come from other worldwide tropical rain-forests. The tropical garden is taking shape. Living creatures and vegetation unceasingly takes root or moves about and all reproduce. Today if you have the time, on your walk in the gardens, you could find more than 4000 different varieties of plants, see some of the 60 different types of birds or hope some of the larger animals would appear. Xinglong tropical garden believes in conserving, protecting, and freeing of all wild animals, insects, fauna, and migratory birds and maintaining their natural habitats. Because of this vision and hard work, Xinglong Tropical Garden has been recognized by the Chinese government as the State Educational Center for plants, floral, fauna, and ecosystems studies and research. This arboretum has been regarded by the United Nationals Tourism Organization as the world most well preserved natural ecological garden. In 1997, Xinglong Tropical Garden was nominated by the United Nations as one of the “500 best environment in the world”.

Xinglong_Tropical_Garden Xinglong_Tropical_Garden
Xinglong_Tropical_Garden Xinglong_Tropical_Garden

A day tour to Xinglong Tropical Garden could be made by advance booking, for reservation, please send email to, or call 18889988432. It takes one hour and half from Sanya, and two hours from Haikou. You may stay at Xinglong or Shimei Bay for a night to fully explore wonderful Xinglong.

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