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Thrilling Water Drift on Five Finger Mountain

Thrilling Water Drift on Five Finger Mountain is a popular activities for young poeple, what to do in Sanya when you are travelling, try this breath-taking sport for life-long memory.

Five Finger Mountain Drifting, it takes around 2 hours to go through entirely. Along the course, you gain opportunity to experience excitement while drifting over torrent and dangerous shoals. You will enjoy the great pleasure by journeying along the river to feast your eyes with natural beauty on either bank.

The nature have endowed Five Finger Mountain with such a place of ultimate lure, thus enabling you to partly fulfill your heroic ideal. you will be taken on a fantastic journey of the most dynamic and charming drifting in Hainan. The beautiful scenery along the river will ensure you the feeling of exhilarating

Five Finger Mountains is named after its five-finger shape. It is the best area for vacation due to its all-spring like weather. The whole length of the drifting journey is 6 kilometers.The water of the river is originated from Five-finger Mountain. Along the upper reaches are marvelous peaks, flourishing coconut trees and all kinds of fruits plants and people can't bear themselves away because of the charming water scenery. The local people enjoy themselves so much by the scenes full of pastoral characteristics.

Taking a journey of Five Finger Mountain Drifting, you will return to the nature, and together with the sky and earth, will bring you the most perfect and memorable travel in your life.

During the drifting, the travelers on the rubber boat can fully enjoy the excitement floating through the dangerous shoals or rapids and the idyllic scenery alongside the river when the water flows gentle. There are marvelous peaks, queer rocks, the pouring falls like Milky Way, the Miao Nationality Villages behind the coconuts, the fishes in the water, butterflies, swallows and different varieties of flying birds coming into your eyes. The travelers will be intoxicated with the landscape as beautiful as a painting. It's really a relaxing paradise.

Close your eyes to imagine that a boat is crawling among mountains; People are lingering about beside brooks and valley; springs running down from a daring height are overlapping, so are waterfalls, what a comforting experience it would be.

Transportation: it is 38 km to the downtown Sanya, buses are available daily between Five Finger Mountain and Haikou/Sanya, it runs every one hour from 6:30-23:00
To make a day tour, you could contact us in 18889988432 or email us for Five Finger Mountain Water Drifting

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