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The Tang Hotel Mount Qixian

Year of Open 2013

Located in the Hotspring National Forest Park, Mount Qixian, Baoting County, Hainan, Tang Hotel Hainan Mount Qixian is three kilometers away from Baoting County, 80-minute ride away from Sanya, and 3-hour ride away from Haikou.

We offer the best rates with buffet breakfast for max 2 persons including service charge and government tax. Airport pickups are provided by Globalsanya Travel Agency within Sanya Area. The rates quoted below are for normal days exclusive of major holidays (Labor Day, National Day, Chinese Spring Festival and Western Christmas). The real-time rate is confirmed at the time of booking. For room reservation, please email us at

Room Type Rack Rate Our Service
Tent Room RMB2800 RMB380
Rainforest Suite RMB3800 RMB650
Sunshine Suite RMB4800 RMB780
Water Front Suite RMB5800 RMB1500
Deluxe Suite RMB6800 RMB1800
Villa RMB10800 RMB3000

Covering an area of 418 mu, the hotel is one of the resort hotels with "tropical rainforests" and "dragon soup hotspring" themes in the region. The hotel provides distinguished and exquisite guest rooms, from where guests can see the view of the main peak on Mount Qixian; the hotel is equipped with high-end recreational programs such as multi-purpose meeting room, high-end Chinese and Western dining rooms, fitness center, swimming pool, hotspring SPA and children's playground; the hotel's comprehensive and professional service butler team provides natural, friendly, simple and intelligent one-stop service of Tang. The hotel provides full tracking service from reservation to check-out and bosom friend-type experience that goes beyond conventional rules. Taste prevails over quality.

With the primitive ecology, nourishing of life, dignity and thoughtfulness as core concepts, the hotel has the pastoral, quiet and private characteristics of tropical rainforests. The resort integrates with the surrounding natural environment, enabling guests to dwell in the seclusive rainforests, go far away from the noise of the city, and bathe the soul.

Hotel features: The hotel is located in the tropical rainforest zone; the hotel provides hotsprings (highest temperature: 97℃; annual average temperature: 93℃) mineralized by heavy carbon sodium silicate in rooms. A bag with dozens of medicinal materials is prepared for the hotspring pool of each room. The medicinal material bag concocted by tens of traditional Chinese physicians has the function of improving metabolism It is the best natural oxygen bar in China. The concentration of negative oxygen ions is 10,000/cm3, which makes people feel energetic and is helpful to improve the respiratory system and preserve their health. The rainforests with primitive ecology and the aura from the earth of Mount Qixian enable you to return to nature.

Address: 8 Wenquan Road, Hotspring National Forest Park, Mount Qixian, Baoting County, Hainan Province
Post code: 572300
Tel: 0898-83605555
Fax: 0898-83605588

The Tang Hotel Mount Qixian
The Tang Hotel Mount Qixian
The Tang Hotel Mount Qixian

For hotel booking, please send email to or call us at (+86)18889988432

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