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Sanya Yacht, Sanya Luxury Yacht, Deep Sea Fishing Yacht/Boat

We offer you luxury yacht with different specifications for different function. Our luxury yacht regularly visit the famous scenic spots, such as East Island, West Island, JingMu Cove, Lover's Bay, Yalong Bay, LiuDaoWan Bay, NanShan Area etc.

It is good choice for successful business conference, wedding party, family and friends gathering, deep sea fishing, holiday getaway etc.

You can have variety of chooses ranging from small size to large scale with the capacity from two people up to two hundred people. Find yourself a enjoy Sanya trip with luxury yacht tour on the South China Sea. We provide some picture for your reference:

"The Number 1 of yangfan" length 63 feet is consisted of three layers. The bottom one is luxury bedroom with one honey-moon bed, LCD TV, Audio System etc. Second floor is spacious bridge & parlor room, equipped with soft sofa, mini-bar, air-condition and cozy sitting room. The third floor is 360 degree platform to view the beautiful ocean and enjoy sun bath.. ...

"The Number 6 of yangfan" is the best choice for deep sea fishing, with fully functional KTV equipments. Its length is 23 meters. It is consisted of two layers, equipped with mini-bar, toilet, shower room, etc. Fishing gills will be provided for free. It is comfortable for fishing lovers.

"The Number 7 & 8 of yangfan": length 18.8 meter (62 feet), width 5.8 meters, three layers. It is equipped with KTV, chess room, honeymoon bed, air conditioner and so on. It is good choice for deep sea fishing, business meeting, birthday party and friends gathering, wedding photography and other entertainment.

"The Number 9 of yangfan" length 32 meters, width 7.6 meters. It has two layers with the capacity of 100 people. It is equipped with meeting room, KTV room,

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For fishing boat or luxury yacht rental, please drop us an email to or, advance booking, special rate will be provided. All the boats are fully equipped and ready at any time for any trips. Or you may ring us at 13617519978 or 13876566128.