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Riyue Bay 21 Century Hotel

4Star ★★★★

Year of open: May.2005

Riyue Bay 21 Century Hotel was open in 2005, beach front hotel, 168 km away from Sanya. It takes only 15 min to one of the most popular scenic spots XingLong Botanical Garden. The hotel has three floors with 321 rooms and suites.

Standard Room at RMB280/room.night, Standard Ocean View room at RMB360/room.night, Superior Garden View room at RMB360/room.night, Superior Ocean View room at RMB400/room.night. The room rate includes daily Chinese breakfast for two people per room.

Distance between Hotel and other places:
Rain forest museum 20 km 35 min by car
Botanical Garden 21 km 40 min by car
Wanning City Center 29km 30min (highway) by car
Sanya City Center 94.7 km, 1.5 hours
Sanya Phoenix International Airport 1.5-2 hours

A little difficult to get to since no taxi available there, however its well worth the visit as a day trip or overnight. Clean beach, clear waters and best of all good surfing from Sept-April. You can enjoy very quiet and peaceful times, or a wonderful nighttime bonfire.

The beach is neat and clean.The water is very clear. Do spend some time there. Good place for photography as well. Not developed with good restaurant on beach and a surf shop!

Useful information on Surfing at Riyue Bay
Surfing is a passionate sea sports which is popular with the West, originated in Boro Nicaea, and it has 200 years history. In Western countries, the surfing, for most its amateurs, is not just a sport. It is a way of life.

The number of the surfers around the world is more than 50 million, and this number is increasing at a rate of 12% -16%. From a professional point of view, or from the amateur and recreation point of view, surfing is one of the world's fastest growing sports.
When is the best time to come?What are the surf seasons?
There are essentially two surf seasons in Hainan - the fall and winter season, which brings Northeast swells, and the summer season, which brings south swells. The fall and winter season, from November until April, offers the best surf, with consistent northeast swells hitting Hainan's east coast. Riyue Bay, which faces southeast, gets clean swell to wrap in, and has offshore winds. The south swells of summer, from May until September, bring also bring surf to Riyue Bay. Summer is not as consistent or as big as in the winter season. In addition to these two seasons, Hainan gets surf from an average of four or five typhoon swells. Typhoon season in the South China Sea lasts from May until November.

What is the weather like?
Summer can be very hot and humid. Temperatures from July to September average about 35℃/95℉ to 38℃/100℉. The ocean breeze helps out a bit. The south of the island tends to have better weather than the north. Fall and spring are the most comfortable. Winter can get down to around 15℃/60℉, feeling even colder if it is windy. Full wetsuits are needed in the winter.

How do I get there?
Riyue Bay is located on Hainan's east coast; an hour and fifteen minutes from Sanya, and two hours from Haikou, there is no taxi or buses available, you have to arrange your own transportation in advance, normally it costs RMB300/way by taxi, but the problems is no taxi back.

2012 (3rd) Wanning International Surf
Festival, Hainan,China

The event has invited over 400people from home and abroad, among them, there are 32 world’s top women longboard players and 36 world’s top men longboard players to take part in the women/ men longboard title events. Those players are coming from the US, the UK, France, Brazil, Japan, Australia, China, etc. The event will also invite over 100 major media for live report of the events.

Brief Information on Wanning
Wanning city, called Wanzhou in ancient times, was set up in year 1360. It is one of the Four Famous State of Hainan in ancient times. Wanning city locates in southeastern coast of Hainan province, which covering the land area of 1883.5 square kilometers, also ocean area of 2550.1 square kilometers. There are twelve towns, an overseas Chinese tourism economic zone, three state farm and one state forest farm in the whole city. Among the 620,000 of total population, 80,000 of them are national minorities; besides, as one of a famous overseas Chinese village, there are over than 30,000 overseas Chinese and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan compatriots distributing in more than 26 countries and regions all over the world. The city center of Wanning is 139 kilometers far away from Haikou in north, while 112 kilometers away from Sanya in south, which is the intermediate station of eastern tourism main line in Hainan province. Furthermore, Wanzhou city enjoys developed and convenient traffic with high-speed rail way around in eastern city; meanwhile, the east line highway and Haiyu eastern road run through the whole territory.

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