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Qianguqing Scenic Spot, Sanya's Biggest Cultural Exhibition Center

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Sanya Qianguqing Scenic Spot will be the biggest intangible cultural heritage exhibition center in Sanya city after its completion, combining Sanya's Tianya Culture, Li & Miao culture and many other Sanya original folk customs.Throughout the year, a variety of traditional techniques and performances will be displayed at the Sanya Qianguqing scenic spot which has seen a total investment of 1 billion yuan, including the embroidery techniques of the Miao Minority and pottery production techniques, as well as the shadow play, puppet show and sugar painting show.The Qianguqing scenic spot will combine theme parks, large-scale cultural performances and entertainment, including the Yazhou Ancient City Cultural Theme Park, Elephant Valley, Pirate War Performance, Technique Exhibition and Amusement Hall, the Li & Miao Village Cultural Experience Area, South China Sea Goddess Cultural Square, Bougainvillea Seafood Stalls Area, Totem Boulevard, Valentine Valley, Fire Performance Area, BIKINI Carnival and much more. The Yazhou Ancient City Cultural Theme Park features several Chinese ancient cultural scenic areas and attractions including an ancient marketplace street, a Yazhou Ancient Government House, a Dayun Temple, a Matchmaker Temple, a Choi Temple and the Valentine's Valley.

Sanya QianGuQing Grand Theatre
It will be the one of the biggest theatre upon its completion with 4700 seats. The main entrance features a theme wall sculpture which is 23 meters in height, and 60 meters in width. The acoustics of the theatre is excellent with 390 units of equipments included.

Luobi Cave Spirit will be fully exhibited on the stage, Sanya’s history is with tattooing culture in old day.

The Legend of Deer Story tells us a love story of Li minority boy. The story goes like this: A long time ago, a young hunter pursued a deer and chased it into bay on a cliff above the sea. When he aimed his arrow at his quarry, the
  deer turned her head toward him and suddenly transformed into a beautiful maiden. Dropping his bow, the startled hunter immediately fell in love with the doe-eyed beauty. It is the legend of Deer Park, as told by the Li people from generation to generation.

Back to Tang Dynasty, Jianzhen, a Chinese monk who helped to propagate Buddhism in Japan has a stop in Sanya during his six attempts of Japan visiting, and he helped building temples and propagating the mainland culture and farming technique.

Madame Xian was the chief of the Baiyue ethnic group in the Lingnan region in ancient time, who plays a very important role of the development of Hainan. Junpo Festiva is one of the biggest festivals in Hainan to worship the national heroine (513-603). She had actively promoted the communication of Hainan Island with the mainland.

South China Sea Goddess Square
The female goddess of Hainan is 28 meters in height, and 100 meters in width, it is the guardian of Sanya, the spiritual totem of Sanya People.

Totem Boulevard
Walking on the Totem Boulevard, one can feel the melting collision of modern design and ancient totem. It will leed you to trace back to the Li Minority Group’s secrets.

Bars under the banyan tree
To start a romantic journey with loved ones with the beginning of a drink under the Buddha trees.

Technique and Amusement Museum
The wonderland for those people who like to challenge themselves with thrilling experience start from here. There are four parts including Secret Street, Hollow City, Sank Boat and Thunder Scene.

Elephant Valley
Supporting by the unique high tech, the thrilling adventure you can experience either on foot or by elephant riding through the one kilometer alley, which is full of challenges like torrential flood, boulder rolling, pirate invasion, snakes fighting and so on.

Eminent People Cluster
The biggest sculpture of Sanya will be seen here, which is 26 meters in height. You also can view the heroine of Hainan Madam Xian and the famous monk Jianzhen. It will be the exhibition window of Hainan long history.

Pirate War
The large scale performance of Pirate War will be on show to display how brave Sanya people are during the war time.

Kids Recreational Park
The fairy land for kids, there are dozen of activities provided for kids such as double-deck merry-go-round, dodgems, bumper car, swing samba ballon, music boat and sight-seeing cable cart etc.

Li Minority
Li people is the original inhabitants on this island, their houses are called boat-shaped house, they are good at art crafts, weaving skills and embroidery etc. In the village, tourists will see the real Li culture in Hainan.

Miao people

Miao people is the second largest ethnic group in Hainan, who play a very important role on this island. Miao people also live on hunting, and are good at making different kinds of herbs and also perform the tradition stunt called “climb a mountain of swords or plunge into a sea of flames”

Valentine Valley
Li people has Third March Festival to demonstrate their loves. Li people worship to freedom and love. They have matchmaker, wish-making tree, wish-fulfilling corridor and wish buddha scene etc.


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