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Jingfengling Tianchi Holy Lake Taoyuan Hotel

Five Star hotel open in 2010

Jingfengling Tianchi Holy Lake Taoyuan Hotel is located in the center of Jingfengling Tropical Rain Forest. It occupies the total land of 200 mu with the construction size of 16,000 square meters. Embraced by the mountains, resting on the holy lake, it is perfectly melting into the beautiful natural landscape. There are 107 rooms and suites. The main building is two floors, it was open in July 2010.

Jingfengling Tropical Rain Forest is one of the top ten beautiful forest in China, and the only one tropical rain forest connecting the ocean and the mountains. 96% of greenery coverage gives lush feast to human being. The mist, the fog, the clouds, the ocean, the forest all combine into a picturesque scenery. The hotel is marvelously perched on the lake by the hillsides.

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Water-front villa twin



Water-front villa king



Deluxe water-front villa twin 



Deluxe water-front villa king



Deluxe executive two bedroom villa



Deluxe executive 3 bedrooms villa



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Remark: including daily breakfast for two people per room and 15% service charge

The average temperature is around 19.7 degree all year round, the negative oxygen ions content is up to 5000-80000 / cc, the real oxygen bar. There are many sites open for tourists such as butterfly valley, Fengming Valley, Gougu Forest, Jiulong Creek, Chinese Redbud Waterfalls etc.

The hotel is about 260 km from Haikou, and 90 km from Sanya, 60km from Nanshan Park, 600 meters above the sea level. It is equipped with lounge bay on the water, coffee bar, Chinese restaurant, KTV, fishing platform, farmhouse restaurants, multi-functional all and so on.

The sky, the mountain, the water, the lake, the tree, the grass, every small things remind you the nature of heaven, get you tranquil life and dreamlike feel. What life could offer to you, come to enjoy it, do not miss it.


Jianfengling Tianchi Holy Lake Taohuayuan Hotel

Five Star hotel open in 1996

Ledong Jianfengling Tianchi Holy Lake Taohuayuan Hotel is located in the center of the park, 600 meters above the sea level, covers total area of 100 mu. It was open in 1996, and renovated in 2008. The main building has three floors, the affiliate building has two floors, there are 61 rooms including standard room, deluxe room, honeymoon room, family room, executive room and villas. It is equipped with lounge bar on the water, coffee bar, Chinese restaurant and fishing platform etc.

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Standard Twin Room



Deluxe Water Front Twin Room 



Family Suite 



Deluxe Twin Room on the Water



Deluxe King Room on the Water



Deluxe King Suite on the Water



Executive Villa on the Water



The greenery coverage is 98%, it is full of sunshine, fresh air, lush green mountain and emerald lake water. It is the holy place for Guanyin to practice the ritual of water purification. The ideal place for healthy life.


Hainan Jianfengling Rain Forest International Resort

Five Star hotel open in 2006

Hainan Jianfengling Rain Forest International Resort is located in Ledong County, one and half hour drive from Sanya, two hours from Haikou, 700 meters above the sea level. Jianfengling Park is one of the most beautiful forest in China, the “animal kingdom”the “butterfly wonderland”the “birds heaven”.

It was open in Mar 2006, and partly renovated in Oct.2009. There are 82 rooms and suite, the villa has three floors. It is equipped with ping-pong, tennis court, mahjong room, badminton court, fishing platform, meeting room etc. The Chinese restaurant has special fish to offer, which is Chinese sturgeon, at the same time you will see so many beautiful fishes there.

There are three phrases to develop this forest valley, the phrase one is completed, phrases II and III is undergoing. So far, the hotel can accommodate 200-300 people at one time.

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Standard Mountain View Room



Superior River View Room



Deluxe Mountain View Room



Japanese Mountain View Room



Deluxe River View Villa



Deluxe Mountain View Villa



It is a good place for mountain expedition and hike. So many tropical trees and flowers along the creek. The plank road goes along the river, the wooden made pavilion equipped with wooden stool, the little fish swimming in the pool, the turquoise water... All these remind you one of famous Chinese poem “Autumn Thoughts”
Withered vines hanging on old branches,
Returning crows croaking at dusk,
A few houses hidden past a narrow bridge,
And below the bridge a quiet creek running,
A lean house comes plodding,
The sun dips down in the west,
And the lovesick traveler is still at the end of the world, roams and roams


Tianchi Bishu Shanzhuang Summer Resort
Five Star hotel open in 2008

Tianchi Bishu Shanzhuang Summer Resort is located in Jianfengling Tropical Rain Forest, it was open in 2008, renovated in 2012. The average annual temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius. The negative oxygen ions content is up to 5000-80000 / cc. It has 60 standard and deluxe rooms. One Chinese restaurants can provide guests with Hainan special cuisine such as “five-leg”pig meat, coconut flavor chicken, spring fish, wide vegetable etc. The surrounding area is a wonderland to explore. In the morning, you can hear the sound of hundred of birds, and smell the fresh air in the mist-covering dreamlike landscape.

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Standard Room 



Deluxe Room 



To book the hotel, you will exempt 50% of the entrance fee. The entrance tickets is RMB60/person. For advance booking please email to

Jianfengling tropical rainforest has four hotels rating from three star to five star, the best place for holiday

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