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JiaJing Island

JiaJing Island is an uninhabited island, 39 kilometers east of Wanning County. This small islet covers a total area of 0.18 square kilometers, or 213 mu. The small island comprises two mountains connected by a small pathway. The peak of mountain is only 64 meters above the sea level. It is covers with big arbor, wild pineapple trees and other tropical plants.

It features with distinctive phenomenon, to the east, it has surging waves surrounded by the rain-forest bushes, to the west it is well known for its soft sandy beach. The beach stretches around 200 meters in length. The sand is dislocated seasonally due to the tide changes, so people called it the "Island of Spirit".

There is no pier here, landing the island, you will be embraced by its enchanting white-sand beaches, the island now is gradually being developed for more leisure and tourism, a short trip by speedboat from ShiMei bay takes about 7 minutes only.

It is flat on the north and west sides, good for water sports. The shallow water area reaches 100 meters from the beach. It offers a natural place for snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing.The visibility of seawater here is as deep as 9 meters. The seaside rarely calm, which makes scuba diving much easier here, as to snorkeling, special equipments is required. There are all kinds of wild marine life you may see such as wild abalone, wild oyster, grouper, green wrasse, “so-mei”fish and so on.

Meanwhile the whole island has no roads available to the top of the mountain, which makes a good opportunity for those who enjoy mountain climbing here. Both side of the beach is the reef area, take a rock climbing, you will enjoy the pure blue sky, the endless blue sea, a feast to eyes, a sleep to your minds.

Special events:
Every 1st and 15th of each month in lunar calender, visiters will see the magnificent scenery of large scale corallite, seashells and other marine life after tide ebb. It will be a real feast for your eyes, too beautiful to be absorbed all at once.

It is also one of the shotting sites for the popular love movie called “You Are The One II” co-stared by Feng Xiaogang and SuQi.

Nearby attractions:
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1.No participant for those who has tympanitis, cardiovascular disorder, heart attacks
2.Take safety as priority no matter what kinds of activities you are taking
3.Choose the best time and check the weather forecast before you go
4.Prepare your own digit products for photo taking, especial water-proof staff
5.Bring your own sun-glasses and sun cream etc.


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