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Haohangpo Hot-spring

Haohangpo Hot-spring is located in Nantian Hot-spring Tourist Resort, only 30 minutes drive from Sanya City Center. The hot-spring here boasts rich mineral elements such as hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, silicic acid, lithium, strontium, potassium, manganese, zinc and fluoride etc, among which, fluorin content at 2.04-7.7mg/L and silicic acids content at 68.5-117mg/L up to the standard of labeled drinkable mineral water. The average temperature is 57.6℃. Hot-spring treatment can accelerate blood circulation, activate skill cells, improve the tissues tightness, and eliminate fatigue, enhance your beauty and health. In addition, it can cure those kinds of disease like skin pigmentation, rheumatism, rheumatoid, arthritis, neurasthenia and others. There are 40 wooden hot-spring tubs scattered amidst the coconuts trees, each tub accommodating 7 or 8 persons at a time. You may choose the different hot-spring pools according to your own personal preference among the liquor pool, coconut milk pool, assorted flower petal pool, tea pool, Chinese herb pool, and kiss-fish pool.
How to get here:
Address: Sanya Nantian Farm Haitang bay.
By taxi at RMB150/way from Sanya City
By bus, all the buses to Lingshui and Wanning pass by
Direct shuttle buses available from some hotels in Dadonghai, but only open for the hotel guests

Open from 7:30am to 2am the next day
Children between 1.2-1.4 meters half rate, under 1.2 meters free of charge
Aged people up to 80 years old free of entrance tickets

Little Fish Hotspring

The Little Fish Hotspring is located at Phenix Town, also named as Tianyuan Hotspring. It was open in 2003, with series of renovations, it can receive more guests in terms of capacity. It is about 15min drive from Sanya downtown. The hotspring covers an total area of 81mu, with an investment of 2,300 millions, The average degree of its 88 pools is 42 degree, the water here is abundant in mineral resource, it is believed that hotspring is good for both young ones and old ones. Meanwhile, the hotsprings here are generally sorted into 8different style. Each has its own specialty. The most famous one is the little fish hotspring pool, hundred of thousands of kissing fish have been put into the hot spring pool at the Little Fish Hotspring, which is said to be capable of treating certain skin diseases through kissing the skin. The hotspring owns a big leisure part, which is capable of 2000 people at a time. In 2007, the hotsprings here won the prize of “China’s Most Favorable Hotspring Resort”

The operation hour is 8.30am to 24.00pm.
Address:Phenix town Haitang bay Sanya

Sanya Yiyang Nantian Hot-spring

Sanya Yiyang Nantian Hot-spring is part of Sanya Yiyang Nantian Hot spring Hotel, and situated in the Nantian hotspring resort, the hotel was first built in 2006, covers an area of 47,000 km²,the hotel lies on the back of the mountain, facing the sea, which enjoys a good mountain and sea view. The hotspring is the most standing out character of the hotel, the hotspring here is divided into 7 parts, they are kissing fish therapy pool, coconut milk pool, queen petal pool etc. It will be free for you to enjoy all of the hotspring pools if you reserve the hotel. The hotspring here is themed with leisure and healthy care. Besides, there is a barbecues option featured with western style, it is opened from 20.00pm-02.00am, it could contain as many as 100people at a time, it is definitely a nice place for your mind to have a rest.

A:Take the No 23, get off at Tengqiao station, then take the hotel bus.
B: Take a taxi about 30min directly to the hotel.

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