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Dazhou Island or Grand Island

To the southeast of Wanning is Dazhou Island (commonly known as Grand Island), 15 kilometers away from Wanning County. Dazhou Island is a state-level nature reserve located about 5 km off the coast of Wanning, Hainan, China. This protected area covers 4.36 square kilometers, and comprises three mountains spanning two islands. These two islands are connected by the 500 meters long sandy beach, which is only visible after the fall of tide. These mountains, the tallest of which is 289 metres above sea level, have been used as navigational markers by mariners since the Tang Dynasty.

It is inhabited by the local fish-man from Xinquan Village for fishing business. It is said most seafood in Wanning County are from this area.

The islands are composed of mainly rain forests and rocky terrain. This group of two islands is home to more than one hundred individual flocks of swifts. These swifts, the only colonies in China, nest in caves. The nests are gathered for bird's nest soup. It is China's only production base for bird's nest, a Chinese delicacy known for its health benefits.

On these island, there around 577 species of plants, 81 kinds of birds including swifts dwell on this island as well as those rare animals: Pangolins, lizards, pythons, partridges, eagles, herons, petrels etc.

Around these islands, the water visibility is up to 10 meters under the sea. It also has rich marine life like squid, tuna, swordfish, pomfret, yellowtail fish, octopus, lobster, abalone, seahorse, sea urchins,, and other kinds of specious marine creatures. The richness and variety of marine life is unique here.

Many varieties of flora and fauna reside on Dazhou Island; with its amazingly clear waters and beautiful mountain scenery, Dazhou Island is a wonderful place to visit. On this island, you also can enjoy the wonderful sunrise and observe the marvelous sunset.

Travel Notice:

Prepare drinking water before you go
1.No entrance ticekets
2.Open time differ from season to season
3.The best time is between November and May, not good time between June and October due to the typhoon season and rains.

From Haikou 151 km
From Sanya 2 hours by bus


Useful information: you can rent the local water taxi to Dazhou Island at RMB300 round trips for four people, or you may make advance booking with globalsanya at special rate of RMB250. Write email to for reservation.

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